The Burning Hand


Everything that happened since the world ended

The party arrived at South by South Hammerfest ready to find Meglan and stop her from killing the gods, rescue Leona, and stop the two armies from killing each other. Once in town, Reverence paid a visit to Edwyrd to find Meglan’s location and any information he could about her.

The group wakes up the next and Reverence finds an evil mark burned into her hand and the words painted in blood on her wall— “It’s your fault.”

Nervous, the group left to go find Edwyrd down at the thieves guild and found it completely ransacked. They found all members murdered and Edwyrd locked behind a barred door, dead. Before he died he found information on Meglan and left it inside a safe that the group broke into.

The group moved to Meglans location, an old abandoned house on a hill at the edge of town hurrying because Meglan was set to sacrifice Leona at any minute. Upon entering the house, the group heard screams from what they assumed was Leona. The group met Mortimer in the basement where he was set to guard the inner chamber but the group eventually beat him and he escaped. The group entered the inner chamber and found Meglan ready to sacrifice Leona. They tried to save her but ultimately failed. Meglan created a ball of energy from Leona’s dead body and teleported away. The group exited the house and noticed the ground started rumbling and a large shadow darkening everything. When they looked up, they saw a mountain floating above the city.

The group tried to get everyone to safety, but realized they weren’t going to be able to get away from the mountain when it dropped. They took cover, the mountain dropped, and everything went black.

The group eventually woke up in a dark cave and later found out it was seven years later. Near them was the perfectly preserved body of Leona with a dagger sticking out of her guy. Upon grabbing the dagger, the group heard it start talking to them and they found out it was the Dark Cleric, Kazool, chosen of the evil god Hatred. Kazool told them he had saved them and kept them asleep for the past seven years. His soul was currently tied to Leona’s body and that he would work with them to kill Meglan. Meglan killed his god and he wanted revenge so your goals were temporarily aligned.

After that, the group wandered caves and found a group of survivors being led by Celestine (who was powerless at this point). The group had barely been surviving at this point and were trapped there. Above them seas of undead roamed the land by night, below drow from the Underdark raided their small home. The group looked at the lands above but realized that wasn’t an option so they went down.

The group fought through the terrors of the Underdark finding out it is in fact a truly terrible place. At some point they found Olren tied up by some denizens of the Underdark and rescued him.

The group eventually make a blind tinker who seemed to know a lot about them and was probably the first truly helpful person they met since arriving in the Underdark. He gave them information on a nearby Drow encampment led by someone who called herself The Demon Queen and gave the group some tattoos.

Kazool said that The Demon Queen had a powerful artifact that would help them destroy Meglan so the group ventured ownward towards the Demon Queen’s encampment with a warning from him— she will know everything about the group and assume everything is a trap.

And everything was a trap.

The group arrived in the encampment and tried to find help but really only found trouble. After burning some inns and narrowly escaping the burning inn…twice…the group did their best to get away but Umine and Reverence got themselves intentionally captured so gain entrance to The Demon Queens temple. The rest of the group arrived at their makeshift jail and tried to free Umine and Rev but it was a trap! The group was locked in the jail but after defeating the guards, finding a defendable place, and extremely exhausted, they decided this was as good as place as any to rest.

The drow would have none of that and kept the group awake all night until they agreed to see the Demon Queen before resting. The group is led to the temple and is only told that The Demon Queen is waiting for them. Upon entering the temple, they’re immediately attacked by a large group of Drow and what is eventually found out to be an illusion of The Demon Queen. When everything is beaten, the Demon Queen runs from her hiding place (and much less threatening at that point) and into a hallway full of traps.

The group makes it through the traps and puzzles and easily kills the Demon Queen before she can activate a magic mirror she desperately wanted to use. The group rests and studies the mirror.

They find out it’s a mirror that links back to the point of its creation, allowing the user to travel back in the past. The Demon Queen had been using the mirror to write messages to herself in the past so she would know what is coming. The group decided to use it to travel back in time and kill Meglan at a time when she was still weak.

The group activates the mirror and travels back into the past…



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