The Burning Hand

7/13 Recap - Road to SXSH

After taking care of the salvers Reverence finally calms down enough to notice that apparently her brother, Virgil, was captured as well, fancy that! Virgil doesn’t really remember much, he only remember that Mortimer captured him and told him he’d be useful later.

With the family reunions out of the way, the group continues their trip to South by Southwest Hammerfest in order to stop the Dark Eye Army and have a good time. Probably in that order. On their way they see a large red dragon fly overheard with someone riding it carrying a Dark Eye banner. A few minutes later, Celestine hangs back, lights a large signal flare, and attacks the party.

Celestine says he didn’t really want to hurt the party but he was being forced to do this. He told the group that if they surrendered to him that he could let them live through today. Reverence considered letting him just take herself hoping he’d take her to Leona (Lady) but the rest of the group continued attack. It became apparent that Celestine was only stalling as a few minutes after lighting the signal a new group of soldiers appeared and Celestine fled.

The new group of soldiers happened to be led by Mortimer himself. Mortimer said they would be taken alive but offered a bounty of 1000 GP per person that knocked one of them out. The fight started out badly for our heroes, but they soon started pulling through and Mortimer’s men showed their true colors as many of them ran.

Before the group could really start wailing on Mortimer for all the reasons he deserved, he gave up. Just when the group thought they had him in a good spot, a new group of Dark Eye Soldiers arrived and demanded his freedom. The group made a deal that the leader of the new group would lead them to Leona in exchange for Mortimer’s freedom. After Mortimer moved away from the group, he ordered the soldiers to kill the party.

As the soldiers moved on the party, a large group of soldiers from the Light Army suddenly rode in and began slaughtering the Dark Eye soldiers. With no place left to go, Mortimer was captured.

As Reverence was readying to “question” him the leader of the soldiers stopped her. The two groups eventually came to a deal where they allowed the party to travel with them to Hammerfest. The soldiers would take custody of Mortimer, but the Burning Hand would have full access to him, be allowed to guard him at all times, and be allowed to be present for any and all questioning.



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