The Burning Hand

8/24 recap - Total party kill?

Before going to bed, Reverence paid a visit to Edwyrd to let him know how serious of a mission he was on and to make sure he was going to take it seriously. Even though he was nervous about it, Edwyrd was ever confident in the mission Reverence forced on him and was sure his people could handle it. Satisfied, Reverence went back to the inn and the group went to sleep for the night.

The group wakes up the next morning to a surprise— Reverence has the mark from the amulet burned into her hand and “It’s your fault” painted in blood on her walls. Reverence tried to get Umine to heal her wound but the burn would not heal.

The group left the inn to meet Edwyrd and found everyone up and excited because it seems the two armies were nearly set to attack each other. The group made it to the thieves guild but noticed the normally locked and guarded door was slightly open. When they stepped inside they found all the members of the thieves guild murdered. The found one barred door and managed to knock it down. Behind it they found Edwyrd dead from what appeared to be poison.

Someone found a note in his hand read “couldn’t let them get the information…poisoned…information in the safe…”bell"

Umine, Eldon, and Aurora tried to figure out the combination to the safe behind where Edwyrd’s body was found while Reverence marched off with the body. In the sewers she was met by several men with twisted faces who immediately attacked her. She called out and the group made it to her. They battled and killed the assassins and found more amulets on them.

The group returned to the guild while Reverence continued onward with Edwyard’s body. She tried to have him resurrected but was told that something was blocking his soul from returning to his body. Back at the thieves guild the others managed to get the safe open and found several notes.

One note described that Leona (Lady) was being held at the old abandoned house on the hill at the edge of town. The note later said that she was planned to be sacrificed tomorrow morning.

Next they found plans for the house and notes saying that there were several hidden rooms and unaccounted for spaces. Also notes saying that there were no guards in the house.

There was a final note mentioning that the amulets were tracking devices and it was not safe to hold them. The note also mentioned that the amulets were a key.

Near Edwyrd’s desk they found a smashed amulet.

With all this information the group left for the old house and found the streets above in chaos— the two armies began attacking each other. The group pressed on to the old house. Reverence was a murder quest and tried to sneak through alone while Eldon snuck in through the side windows. Umine and Aurora snuck behind Reverence and Umine was actually the quiet one! While exploring the house they all heard an ear piercing scream of a woman who they assumed was Leona.

They all eventually met up in a library where they all just got a very bad evil feeling. The group found a bookshelf with a hidden door behind it to a cellar with another hidden door behind some wine barrels. As the group followed the stairs down they hear another scream. A little further down they find Mortimer waiting for them with a few guards. Mortimer wastes no time and attacks the party.

The fight goes well for the party but before they can kill Mortimer and one of the guards, Mortimer sets off a crushing ceiling trap and uses a spell to switch places with Aurora. He then locks the group in the room leaving them to their death. Eldon, never discouraged, chunks an amulet at Mortimer’s head and gives him an incredibly nasty bump on his head that wiped the smile right off his face. Mortimer cursed the group and ran off.

The group quickly figures out that the amulets were the key to the door and opened up the next door escaping death.

Inside the next room the group finds sees a large room with a pit in the middle. Rising out of that pit was a raised platform with many robed figures, Meglan, and Leona. The robed figures appeared to be making a force field that kept everything from Meglan and Leona. As the group enters Meglan stabs Leona in a stomach with a ceremonial knife, Leona screams out in pain, and people start attacking the group.

Meglan continues stabbing Leona in the gut as the group has a difficult time with the guards. Eldon and Reverence eventually start trying to kill the robed figures to get through the force field but they are too late. Meglan stabs Leona one last time and kills her. She creates a blue floating energy orb and disintegrates all the robe figures. Meglan teleports away and the world starts shaking.

The ground starts shaking violently and the group exits the dungeon. When they get out they see a large mountain floating above them and boulders dropping from the mountain. They look out at where the two armies were fighting to see a bright light suddenly envelop and kill all the soldiers on both sides. The group runs into town and it’s absolute chaos as boulders drop and crush people and buildings and the mountain just floats overhead.

Without warning the mountain starts to drop on top of the city and the group takes cover in a nearby temple.



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