The Burning Hand

Everything that happened since the world ended

The party arrived at South by South Hammerfest ready to find Meglan and stop her from killing the gods, rescue Leona, and stop the two armies from killing each other. Once in town, Reverence paid a visit to Edwyrd to find Meglan’s location and any information he could about her.

The group wakes up the next and Reverence finds an evil mark burned into her hand and the words painted in blood on her wall— “It’s your fault.”

Nervous, the group left to go find Edwyrd down at the thieves guild and found it completely ransacked. They found all members murdered and Edwyrd locked behind a barred door, dead. Before he died he found information on Meglan and left it inside a safe that the group broke into.

The group moved to Meglans location, an old abandoned house on a hill at the edge of town hurrying because Meglan was set to sacrifice Leona at any minute. Upon entering the house, the group heard screams from what they assumed was Leona. The group met Mortimer in the basement where he was set to guard the inner chamber but the group eventually beat him and he escaped. The group entered the inner chamber and found Meglan ready to sacrifice Leona. They tried to save her but ultimately failed. Meglan created a ball of energy from Leona’s dead body and teleported away. The group exited the house and noticed the ground started rumbling and a large shadow darkening everything. When they looked up, they saw a mountain floating above the city.

The group tried to get everyone to safety, but realized they weren’t going to be able to get away from the mountain when it dropped. They took cover, the mountain dropped, and everything went black.

The group eventually woke up in a dark cave and later found out it was seven years later. Near them was the perfectly preserved body of Leona with a dagger sticking out of her guy. Upon grabbing the dagger, the group heard it start talking to them and they found out it was the Dark Cleric, Kazool, chosen of the evil god Hatred. Kazool told them he had saved them and kept them asleep for the past seven years. His soul was currently tied to Leona’s body and that he would work with them to kill Meglan. Meglan killed his god and he wanted revenge so your goals were temporarily aligned.

After that, the group wandered caves and found a group of survivors being led by Celestine (who was powerless at this point). The group had barely been surviving at this point and were trapped there. Above them seas of undead roamed the land by night, below drow from the Underdark raided their small home. The group looked at the lands above but realized that wasn’t an option so they went down.

The group fought through the terrors of the Underdark finding out it is in fact a truly terrible place. At some point they found Olren tied up by some denizens of the Underdark and rescued him.

The group eventually make a blind tinker who seemed to know a lot about them and was probably the first truly helpful person they met since arriving in the Underdark. He gave them information on a nearby Drow encampment led by someone who called herself The Demon Queen and gave the group some tattoos.

Kazool said that The Demon Queen had a powerful artifact that would help them destroy Meglan so the group ventured ownward towards the Demon Queen’s encampment with a warning from him— she will know everything about the group and assume everything is a trap.

And everything was a trap.

The group arrived in the encampment and tried to find help but really only found trouble. After burning some inns and narrowly escaping the burning inn…twice…the group did their best to get away but Umine and Reverence got themselves intentionally captured so gain entrance to The Demon Queens temple. The rest of the group arrived at their makeshift jail and tried to free Umine and Rev but it was a trap! The group was locked in the jail but after defeating the guards, finding a defendable place, and extremely exhausted, they decided this was as good as place as any to rest.

The drow would have none of that and kept the group awake all night until they agreed to see the Demon Queen before resting. The group is led to the temple and is only told that The Demon Queen is waiting for them. Upon entering the temple, they’re immediately attacked by a large group of Drow and what is eventually found out to be an illusion of The Demon Queen. When everything is beaten, the Demon Queen runs from her hiding place (and much less threatening at that point) and into a hallway full of traps.

The group makes it through the traps and puzzles and easily kills the Demon Queen before she can activate a magic mirror she desperately wanted to use. The group rests and studies the mirror.

They find out it’s a mirror that links back to the point of its creation, allowing the user to travel back in the past. The Demon Queen had been using the mirror to write messages to herself in the past so she would know what is coming. The group decided to use it to travel back in time and kill Meglan at a time when she was still weak.

The group activates the mirror and travels back into the past…

After the Big Sleep

So, the gang wake up and find out they have been asleep for long enough for our rations to rot. We make our way up to the cavernous ruins of the town we were in. Umine charms the inhabitants. They bring us to their leader, Celestine. He tells us above is a barren wasteland during the day, and filled with the undead at night. We find strange fruit that glow for a few hours. We leant the fruit also keep the undead away.

Aurora and Eldon fly out and scout the area that night, after we watch thousands of skeletons emerge from the ground. We realize we have to take the other route and go to the UnderDark where the Drau are. We decide our cover story is to honor Edwryd’s last wishes to bring his bell to his homeland. We decide Umine will pose at Reverence’s prisoner, Aurora will transform into a riding lizard and Eldon will “stealth”. We see a tunnel with flickering red and decide to go along that path. BAD IDEA!!!!! Fire things and Beholders SUCK!!!!! We make it by the skin of our freaking teeth. Umine and fire do not mix.

We continue on and find an underground lake and caverns illuminated with magic purple fire. Eldon finds a sword at the bottom of a well, decides to try to get the sword out of the rock at the bottom. He tries to pull it out with a rope, then climbs down to try to pull it out. The well starts filling with water, Eldon teleports out, leaving some of the skin from his hands on the sword.

8/24 recap - Total party kill?

Before going to bed, Reverence paid a visit to Edwyrd to let him know how serious of a mission he was on and to make sure he was going to take it seriously. Even though he was nervous about it, Edwyrd was ever confident in the mission Reverence forced on him and was sure his people could handle it. Satisfied, Reverence went back to the inn and the group went to sleep for the night.

The group wakes up the next morning to a surprise— Reverence has the mark from the amulet burned into her hand and “It’s your fault” painted in blood on her walls. Reverence tried to get Umine to heal her wound but the burn would not heal.

The group left the inn to meet Edwyrd and found everyone up and excited because it seems the two armies were nearly set to attack each other. The group made it to the thieves guild but noticed the normally locked and guarded door was slightly open. When they stepped inside they found all the members of the thieves guild murdered. The found one barred door and managed to knock it down. Behind it they found Edwyrd dead from what appeared to be poison.

Someone found a note in his hand read “couldn’t let them get the information…poisoned…information in the safe…”bell"

Umine, Eldon, and Aurora tried to figure out the combination to the safe behind where Edwyrd’s body was found while Reverence marched off with the body. In the sewers she was met by several men with twisted faces who immediately attacked her. She called out and the group made it to her. They battled and killed the assassins and found more amulets on them.

The group returned to the guild while Reverence continued onward with Edwyard’s body. She tried to have him resurrected but was told that something was blocking his soul from returning to his body. Back at the thieves guild the others managed to get the safe open and found several notes.

One note described that Leona (Lady) was being held at the old abandoned house on the hill at the edge of town. The note later said that she was planned to be sacrificed tomorrow morning.

Next they found plans for the house and notes saying that there were several hidden rooms and unaccounted for spaces. Also notes saying that there were no guards in the house.

There was a final note mentioning that the amulets were tracking devices and it was not safe to hold them. The note also mentioned that the amulets were a key.

Near Edwyrd’s desk they found a smashed amulet.

With all this information the group left for the old house and found the streets above in chaos— the two armies began attacking each other. The group pressed on to the old house. Reverence was a murder quest and tried to sneak through alone while Eldon snuck in through the side windows. Umine and Aurora snuck behind Reverence and Umine was actually the quiet one! While exploring the house they all heard an ear piercing scream of a woman who they assumed was Leona.

They all eventually met up in a library where they all just got a very bad evil feeling. The group found a bookshelf with a hidden door behind it to a cellar with another hidden door behind some wine barrels. As the group followed the stairs down they hear another scream. A little further down they find Mortimer waiting for them with a few guards. Mortimer wastes no time and attacks the party.

The fight goes well for the party but before they can kill Mortimer and one of the guards, Mortimer sets off a crushing ceiling trap and uses a spell to switch places with Aurora. He then locks the group in the room leaving them to their death. Eldon, never discouraged, chunks an amulet at Mortimer’s head and gives him an incredibly nasty bump on his head that wiped the smile right off his face. Mortimer cursed the group and ran off.

The group quickly figures out that the amulets were the key to the door and opened up the next door escaping death.

Inside the next room the group finds sees a large room with a pit in the middle. Rising out of that pit was a raised platform with many robed figures, Meglan, and Leona. The robed figures appeared to be making a force field that kept everything from Meglan and Leona. As the group enters Meglan stabs Leona in a stomach with a ceremonial knife, Leona screams out in pain, and people start attacking the group.

Meglan continues stabbing Leona in the gut as the group has a difficult time with the guards. Eldon and Reverence eventually start trying to kill the robed figures to get through the force field but they are too late. Meglan stabs Leona one last time and kills her. She creates a blue floating energy orb and disintegrates all the robe figures. Meglan teleports away and the world starts shaking.

The ground starts shaking violently and the group exits the dungeon. When they get out they see a large mountain floating above them and boulders dropping from the mountain. They look out at where the two armies were fighting to see a bright light suddenly envelop and kill all the soldiers on both sides. The group runs into town and it’s absolute chaos as boulders drop and crush people and buildings and the mountain just floats overhead.

Without warning the mountain starts to drop on top of the city and the group takes cover in a nearby temple.

8/24 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (2000XP)
  • Rumble at the Thieves Guild (850XP)
  • Outer Chamber (950XP)
  • Inner Chamber (1200XP)

Experience points earned this session: 5000

  • Total XP for campaign: 57528
  • Current level after game: 15
    • Level up!
  • XP to next level: 11472

Roleplaying Rewards (2000)

  • Edwyrd’s Safe (500 XP)
  • Dropping Ceiling (500 XP)
  • The Phoenix Blade Quest (1000 XP)

Rumble at the Thieves Guild (850 XP)

  • Baneling Blademaster x2 (400 XP)
  • Baneling Assassin x1 (200 XP)
  • Baneling Hellsword x1 (250 XP)

Outer Chamber (950 XP)

  • Mortimer x1 (500 XP)
  • Baneling Blademaster x1 (200 XP)
  • Baneling Demonbinder x1 (250 XP)

Inner Chamber (1200 XP)

  • Baneling Blademaster x2 (400 XP)
  • Baneling Spellsword x1 (250 XP)
  • Baneling Defiler x1 (250 XP)
  • Baneling Ogre x1 (300 XP)
On the Road to South by South Hammerfest

We are with the Bright Eye army camp as they march to South by South Hammerfest.

Mortimer tells the gang that Meglan’s goal is to kill all the gods and become one herself. Rev goes to talk to the General, Umine goes to talk to Avandra.

The General doesn’t listen to Rev, so for some reason we decide to steal Mortimer and make a break for it. On the first night, we hear someone coming for us. Some of the Bright Eye army met up with us, wanted to arrest us. We tried to fight, t not hurt them, then paid them money and let him take Mortimer back. We go on to SxSH, and almost immediately enter into battle. It was a damned tough, tough battle. We seriously almost didn’t make it. We finally beat the dudes. Reverence grabs one of the amulets and she and Eldon take off to find Edwyrd.

7/13 Recap - Road to SXSH

After taking care of the salvers Reverence finally calms down enough to notice that apparently her brother, Virgil, was captured as well, fancy that! Virgil doesn’t really remember much, he only remember that Mortimer captured him and told him he’d be useful later.

With the family reunions out of the way, the group continues their trip to South by Southwest Hammerfest in order to stop the Dark Eye Army and have a good time. Probably in that order. On their way they see a large red dragon fly overheard with someone riding it carrying a Dark Eye banner. A few minutes later, Celestine hangs back, lights a large signal flare, and attacks the party.

Celestine says he didn’t really want to hurt the party but he was being forced to do this. He told the group that if they surrendered to him that he could let them live through today. Reverence considered letting him just take herself hoping he’d take her to Leona (Lady) but the rest of the group continued attack. It became apparent that Celestine was only stalling as a few minutes after lighting the signal a new group of soldiers appeared and Celestine fled.

The new group of soldiers happened to be led by Mortimer himself. Mortimer said they would be taken alive but offered a bounty of 1000 GP per person that knocked one of them out. The fight started out badly for our heroes, but they soon started pulling through and Mortimer’s men showed their true colors as many of them ran.

Before the group could really start wailing on Mortimer for all the reasons he deserved, he gave up. Just when the group thought they had him in a good spot, a new group of Dark Eye Soldiers arrived and demanded his freedom. The group made a deal that the leader of the new group would lead them to Leona in exchange for Mortimer’s freedom. After Mortimer moved away from the group, he ordered the soldiers to kill the party.

As the soldiers moved on the party, a large group of soldiers from the Light Army suddenly rode in and began slaughtering the Dark Eye soldiers. With no place left to go, Mortimer was captured.

As Reverence was readying to “question” him the leader of the soldiers stopped her. The two groups eventually came to a deal where they allowed the party to travel with them to Hammerfest. The soldiers would take custody of Mortimer, but the Burning Hand would have full access to him, be allowed to guard him at all times, and be allowed to be present for any and all questioning.

7/13 XP Report

XP Report

  • Celestine’s Betrayal (1500XP)
  • Mortimer Returns (1353XP)

Experience points earned this session: 2853

  • Total XP for campaign: 49571
  • Current level after game: 14
    • Level up!
  • XP to next level: 7429

Celestine’s Betrayal (1500 XP)

  • Celestine x1 (1000 XP)
  • Protective Orb x4 (500 XP)

Mortimer Returns (1353 XP)

  • Mortimer x1 (440 XP)
  • Baneling Archer x2 (220 XP)
  • Baneline Assassin x1 (220 XP)
  • Baneling Hellsword x2 (308 XP)
  • Disguised Grunts x6 (165 XP)
Now back to our regularly scheduled adventure

The main gang is at an inn with lots of Dark Eye Army, they take care of most of the group at the inn with them. They learn from the captain that a caravan of slaves, including a VIP, is expected the next day. They wait for the slave caravan, and the captain double crosses them. Umine is part of the slaves in the last cart.

At some point, the captain sets Umine’s cart on fire as a distraction, Umine convinces a slave to pee out the fire. It worked! The slaves escape. Rev finds Umine’s cart and Umine says her stuff is in the first cart, which is also on fire. Rev goes barreling into the first cart and throwing out weapons and chests. Finally, Umine gets free and gets her stuff.

We decide to use the food from the second cart as cover to sneak into South by South Hammerfest.

Lake of Steam - after the Library

We enter the door that opens and enter a dark, humid cave. We can hear running water, and eventually come upon the back of a waterfall. Eldon wants to run through the water. Umine wants to let him. Reverence wants to tie a rope to Eldon first. Eldon jumps through, tugs twice, so Rev and Umine let go. After some debate, everyone jumps in one by one.

We come out, see Eldon on top of a dragon statue trying to muzzle it. Rev goes over to kick the statue, and we hear a booming voice “You have proven your wisdom, now prepare to prove your strength.”

After almost dying a few times we won. Woo hoo.

We take an extended rest.

When we wake up, we are near the lake of steam were we entered. Rev tells us the dragon came to her in a dream and says we are being watched. We make a journey to the air temple.

As we walk along a cliff road and come upon the Dark Eye army after a wizard looking guy calling for help. It was a rough battle, but we vanquish the enemy. The wizard we save is Selstein. He says he is on a quest to find sword pieces for his sister, Leona. He notices Lady and perks up. Rev threatens him more than a father threatening his daughter’s first date. He gives Rev a gem that fits in the handle of the sword. Sels says he has been researching the sword for the last 15 years and heard his sister had returned. We begrudgingly (some more than others) allow him to join our group.

Umine, Mortimer and Leona agree to split off and take Leona to a safe place, we will all meet back up at South by South Hammerfest. The rest of the group makes their way to the Earth temple.

1/26 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (2503XP)
  • Save Mortimer! (500XP)
  • Library Ambush (1350XP)
  • Water Guardian (XP)

Experience points earned this session: 4353

  • Total XP for campaign: 40698
  • Current level after game: 13
    • Level up!
  • XP to next level: 6302

Roleplaying Rewards (2503)

  • Mortimer Had it Coming (500 XP)
  • The Grinning Dragon (1000 XP)
  • Full on Retard (3 XP)
  • History Lesson in the Library (500 XP)
  • The Talking Door (500 XP)

Save Mortimer! (500 XP)

  • Thug Leader x1 (200 XP)
  • Thug Enforcer x2 (200 XP)
  • Thug Quickfoot x1 (100 XP)

Library Ambush (1350 XP)

  • Water Elf Waveshaper x1 (450 XP)
  • Water Elf Wavecrasher x1 (450 XP)
  • Water Elf Tide Strider x1 (450 XP)

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