The Burning Hand

Lake of Steam - after the Library

We enter the door that opens and enter a dark, humid cave. We can hear running water, and eventually come upon the back of a waterfall. Eldon wants to run through the water. Umine wants to let him. Reverence wants to tie a rope to Eldon first. Eldon jumps through, tugs twice, so Rev and Umine let go. After some debate, everyone jumps in one by one.

We come out, see Eldon on top of a dragon statue trying to muzzle it. Rev goes over to kick the statue, and we hear a booming voice “You have proven your wisdom, now prepare to prove your strength.”

After almost dying a few times we won. Woo hoo.

We take an extended rest.

When we wake up, we are near the lake of steam were we entered. Rev tells us the dragon came to her in a dream and says we are being watched. We make a journey to the air temple.

As we walk along a cliff road and come upon the Dark Eye army after a wizard looking guy calling for help. It was a rough battle, but we vanquish the enemy. The wizard we save is Selstein. He says he is on a quest to find sword pieces for his sister, Leona. He notices Lady and perks up. Rev threatens him more than a father threatening his daughter’s first date. He gives Rev a gem that fits in the handle of the sword. Sels says he has been researching the sword for the last 15 years and heard his sister had returned. We begrudgingly (some more than others) allow him to join our group.

Umine, Mortimer and Leona agree to split off and take Leona to a safe place, we will all meet back up at South by South Hammerfest. The rest of the group makes their way to the Earth temple.

1/26 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (2503XP)
  • Save Mortimer! (500XP)
  • Library Ambush (1350XP)
  • Water Guardian (XP)

Experience points earned this session: 4353

  • Total XP for campaign: 40698
  • Current level after game: 13
    • Level up!
  • XP to next level: 6302

Roleplaying Rewards (2503)

  • Mortimer Had it Coming (500 XP)
  • The Grinning Dragon (1000 XP)
  • Full on Retard (3 XP)
  • History Lesson in the Library (500 XP)
  • The Talking Door (500 XP)

Save Mortimer! (500 XP)

  • Thug Leader x1 (200 XP)
  • Thug Enforcer x2 (200 XP)
  • Thug Quickfoot x1 (100 XP)

Library Ambush (1350 XP)

  • Water Elf Waveshaper x1 (450 XP)
  • Water Elf Wavecrasher x1 (450 XP)
  • Water Elf Tide Strider x1 (450 XP)
Lake of Steam

We travel, on our way to the next temple holding part of the sword. As we make our way to the next town, we hear someone behind us. It’s Mortimer, the bard who told us about our wanted posters, and whom we owe a favor; he is running towards us. When he notices us, he runs up to us, tells us we owe him a favor and to kill the people chasing him and take him with us. We agree to take him with us, but he starts taunting the people chasing them. Umine runs up to them, asking if they’d like to hear the word of Avandra. They don’t. Reverence takes offense at Mortimer’s taunts endangering our group. She grabs Mortimer, asks the taunters why they are chasing him. They say he owes them money and slept with their mother/sister. Revernce takes his money bag and pays back the thugs.

We travel to a waterside town called Georgetown. At the tavern, Mortimer buys us all dinner and drink, asking about Lady and where we are going.

Rev and Auroa go to bar with drow that gives them directions to inside Lake of Steam. We turn in for the night. The next day, we set off for the lake of Steam, Mortimer has loaned us all caps of water breathing. We sink to the bottom of the lake near the secreted entrance. We see a door which has been jimmied open, we enter and see some dead Sea Elves and different rooms with doors pried open. We find one door that talks. After getting the door to say the word Flower in Elvish, he opens

Gave the door a ficus to they are not bored. We walk into a square room that has a huge dragon statue with a clock and a giant red button

We go full retard and put noose around the dragon statue. Aurora pushes the button, the water rises…and the statue sTays a statue. A door opens in the ceiling. We make our way through the door and find a library. At one end is another dragon statue and five buttons. It has a question: in what order were the five great guilds of the aquatic elves founded.

We noose the dragon statue. Everyone but Umine goes to explore the books for the answer. Umine does not like libraries. As soon as someone touches one of the books, water ghost elves appear. We have to fight the ghosts and search the books for information. Once we find the answers and punch the buttons in the correct order, the ghosts disappear and a door opens.

12/01 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (750XP)
  • Orc Mercanaries (813XP)
  • Orc Reinforcements (1375XP)
  • Save the Lady (1406XP)

Experience points earned this session: 4344

  • Total XP for campaign: 36345
  • Current level after game: 12
  • XP to next level: 2655

Roleplaying Rewards (750)

  • Flashbacks (750 XP)

Orc Mercanaries (813 XP)

  • Orc Mercenary x2 (438 XP)
  • Quom Enforcer x1 (375 XP)

Orc Reinforcements (1375 XP)

  • Orc Mercenary x2 (438 XP)
  • Orc Enforcer x2 (438 XP)
  • Ravenous Sorcerer x1 (500 XP)

Save the Lady (1406 XP)

  • Karavakos x1 (750 XP)
  • Dark Eye Priest x1 (219 XP)
  • Orc Enforcer x1 (219 XP)
  • Orc Mercenary x1 (219 XP)
Fire Temple -After

We wake up in a village on fire, we hear screaming all around and are missing Aurora and Hogar. We see orcs attacking the children in the village. Reverence tries to stop them from hurting one child, is too late, and the orcs notice our group. We don’t do very well protecting the children…. Well, we save one.
We follow the sounds of screaming and find someone who looks like a younger version of the Lady, a boy who looks like he could be her brother trying to protect her, a younger version of Carovacos, a priest, and a pair of Orc grunts. The fight doesn’t go very well. Carovacos stabs the lady in the stomach and the ground starts to rumble. We barely, by the grace of the DM, survive everything goes white and we wake up in the treasure room. Lady, Aurora and Hogar are there as well. The Lady recognizes us and says we we’re there that day when she was younger. She knows her name is Leona, but everything else is damned vague. She doesn’t know a great deal.

09/08 XP Report

Gah, I’m a bad person, I forgot the XP report too! Bonus XP all around!

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (1000XP)
  • Hallway Ambush (735XP)
  • Hall of the Fire King (1260XP)

Experience points earned this session: 2995

  • Total XP for campaign: 31089
  • Current level after game: 11
  • XP to next level: 911

Roleplaying Rewards (1000)

  • The Fire Temple (1000 XP)

Hallway Ambush (735 XP)

  • Fire Elemental Firestorm x2 (420 XP)
  • Fire Spark x6 (315 XP)

Hall of the Fire King (1260 XP)

  • Adult Red Dragon x1 (1050 XP)
  • Fire Elemental Spark x4 (210 XP)
Fire Temple

We have a fight with fire thingies. It wasn’t a good battle, but we won. Sorry, it’s not more descriptive kiddo was a bigger boss fight than the game.
We go into another room, see pressure plates on the floor around a pillar with a great big threatening button. Reverence pressed the button and became a s’more. It opens a door to a hallway, it turns into what looks like a cave lined with obsidian. It eventually widens into an arena with a large pedestal at one end. We hear a voice ask why we think we are worthy of the weapons and that we must prove our worth. Eldon tried to steal what was on the pedestal, and got caught. A giant ass dragon appeared. We fight the dragon until he takes off back into the flame ceiling and we hear, “You have passed the test.” Reverence takes the broken sword hilt from the pillar, passed it to the lady, we all pass out.
We find: 20,000 gold, stone of flame, immovable shaft, gloves of the healer, masters wand of coaching burst +3, winged boots, antipathy gloves, broken hilt of sword.


So since it has been a while since out last game, here’s a quick rundown of everything that has happened recently—

  • The Pyramid of shadows
    • You tracked down and killed Karavakos
    • You knew Karavakos was there looking for something
    • You saw Meglan in the library and she appeared to be looking for something
    • You now know that Meglan is one of the generals in the same army that Karavakos was part of.
    • On the way to see Karavakos, you saw two murals— one with a dark figure, one with a young woman
    • During the fight with Karavakos, you saw Meglan and she appeared to be working against Karavakos.
    • After defeating Karavakos a map was revealed that led you to a location in the desert at a specific time.
  • On the way to the desert
    • The place you were going was thought to be a free area, no war was supposed to be there.
    • You traveled to the desert by ship
    • A pirate ship attacked your ship and sank both ships
    • You washed ashore near your location
    • While traveling, you met Mortimer who let you know that you all were wanted by the Dark Eye Army
    • Mortimer also supplied you with information on a way in and out of the city along with contacts.
    • You owe Mortimer a favor
  • Hammerfest South!
    • You compete in what I guess you thought was a fake Hammerfest but was actually the real one…
    • You won Hammerfest again!
    • The next day you find out Meglan is in town and she it looking for all of you.
    • You escape into the sewers with one of the thieves guilds (the one Mortimer told you about).
    • You have a fight in the sewers with an opposing thieves guild and eventually make it to safety.
    • The thieves guild offered to let you use their secret entrances and exits to the city.
  • The Girl in the Desert
    • Someone at the thieves guild helps you with the map and you get a location
    • You travel there and eventually find an old temple of sorts
    • The temple teleports you to an open field where you find a young woman (who you’re calling Lady…) who kind of looks like Almathea from The Last Unicorn
    • The woman was holding five scrolls
      • Scroll 1: Has an enlarged map of the dwarven mountains. Each mountain but one has a red circled X, the other only has a red circle.
      • Scroll 2: A section of forests mainland with a series of red circles X and open circles, it’s a place where there’s lots of Dark Eye Army (middle of the war zone pretty much)
      • Scroll 3: A map of the desert area with paths drawn and dates listed (all dates are from about 1000 years ago)
      • Scroll 4: A map of the great north in the ice region. Has a single open circle deep in the coldest area
      • Scroll 5: A large map of the wonged mountain with a single open circle and a path leading up the mountain
      • Scroll 6: Contains research notes on the previous four maps citing old tests in a very old language.
        • The phoenix died approximately 1000 years ago in the desert canyons, she should appear there
        • The entrance to the air temple was found several years ago and he knows who has the key— a monk by the name of Jonas of the Shining Hand was entrusted with it
        • He’s sure the ice temple is located in the most remote and coldest section of the ice region.
  • Returning With The Woman
    • Each of you were holding a scroll
    • Fire Scroll
      • She can open the temple covered in fire. Travel south into the Great Desert from where she is found, the Crescent Canyon will reveal the way to it.
    • Water Scroll
      • She can open the temple deep in the water. In the land of the drowned elves underneath the great library the temple of water slumbers for her.
    • Air Scroll
      • She may ascend to the key. Climb the great mountain of old and make them let her in.
    • Earth Scroll
      • She may find the temple buried in the ground. The dwarves died for their architecture, find their buried secrets to gain access to the temple of Earth.
      • All Scroll: The ice keeps her power. Take her weapon to the temple frozen in time.
  • The Fire Temple
    • You all decided to travel to the fire temple first since it’s the closest and has a path right to it.
    • Where you currently are
7/7 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (750XP)
  • Basilisk Lair (715XP)
  • Outer Chamber Fight (623XP)

Experience points earned this session: 2088

  • Total XP for campaign: 28094
  • Current level after game: 11
  • XP to next level: 3906

Roleplaying Rewards (750)

  • The Mysterious Girl (750 XP)

Basilisk Lair (715 XP)

  • Stone-Eye Basilisk x1 (128 XP)
  • Abyssal Basilisk x2 (293 XP)
  • Mesmeric-Eye Basilisk x2 (183 XP)
  • Wilt-Eye Basilisk x1 (110 XP)

Outer Chamber Fight (623 XP)

  • Door Mimic x1 (293 XP)
  • Fire Elemental x3 (330 XP)
Hogar Rescue
Not Trenzalore

[hold for Tully’s exposition]
We enter a mausoleum, Umine first. We notice on one wall, written in blood, “She will feed upon your flesh.” There was also a pile of bones under the message. Reverence checks the bone, it still has marrow. Eldon decides to go explore, triggers a trap, falls down into a pit with a glyph that begins to glow purple. The bone Rev has glows as well, flys back to the other bones, and a skeleton with a top hat rises. He is a Tubthumper. He gets knocked down, but he gets up again, ain’t never gonna keep him down. He gets knocked down, but he gets up again. Aurora lassos Eldon out of the pit, the glyph stops glowing. We knocked the skeleton down and he stays down. Reverence stomps on the bones. Eldon takes the hat.
We decide to explore more. Eldon goes off on his own. We hear shuffling and moaning. Aurora does a fly over and finds a bunch of zombies.


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