The Burning Hand

Hammerfest Day 2

The next day, we go into the ring to fight, and out comes the group we were mistaken for, then accused of impersonating – The Flaming Fist. They have a female drow rogue, a male Tiefling, a male dwarf paladin, a male shifter and a female wizard.

HammerFest HammerFest

We wake up, and the inn is deserted except for Rendil. He says everyone has gone to Hammerfest. Umine is vibrating in excitement.


Edwyrd does his “morning jog”. Reverence threatens Rendil with bodily harm if he steals anything. Edwyrd gets a hammer and belt for Umine. She squees.  A guy comes up to us and asks if we are the Flaming Fist. He pins a rose with a black tip.  We feel a magical shimmer run through us. Reverence and Umine get ready to fight. Umine chugs a tankard of ale to get herself battle ready.  We win the fight, Patsy wandered off, we notice the two halflings looked a great deal like Rendil. Edwyrd and Aurora go investigate to find information. He finds the Slugg brothers. Edwyrd talks to them, and they say don’t know where the slaves come from. Edwyrd finds a tent with guards, tries to get in, tries to make all the guards distracted, and gets pulled away by a large guard. Edwyrd breaks away. Aurora sneaks in. She sees a slave camp full of halflings, but no Patsy. She hears shuffling from a cage. 

We fight in a capture the flag battle, win, and Herder calls us liars and brings out the Flaming Fists. We will fight the next day at noon. 

Edwyrd talks us up in the bar in his drow form. Reverence goes looking for Patsy and the dwarf Bogart. Bogart says Patsy has been cheating at games, but is lying. She goes to find Zoot, gets a bowler hat for Pony, gets in a discussion with Jake about the dagger, tells him that Diego took it and offers his head. She returns to the inn, hears a knock on her window, it’s Patsy, he says he tried to free the slaves because he found his sister, Scape, there. Zoot and Diego were trying to help and be adventurers like us. They decide to free the slaves while we are fighting. 

Thunderspire Labyrinth

After celebration, Nobody the Great says 100 in gold is missing, and he wants a commoner named Diego to pay for the crime.

Reverence devises a plan to pay 100 gold for Diego to come with us. Diego is in love with Nobody the Great’s daughter, Nil.

Diego tells us about Thunderspire Mountain.

We get a letter about evil dwarves selling humans as slaves.

We come across the dwarven town of Hammerfest. In a couple of months, they will have Hammerfest Hammerfest. See Jake’s Ale, Bait and Hammers for balloon hammers and Amir’s camel and accessories for gifts for Pony.

While there, Jake asks for us to help with his other store, Jake’s Food and cutlery. He wants us to meet Gendar in Thunderspire, Gendar’s relics. Unfortunately, we open the box and find an ancient Tiefling dagger. They put in another dagger, they fail to fix the lock. We head on to the Vale. We arrive at Saruunkhel. We follow Edward down a dark path, meet up with some insects, and we try to talk our way out – doesn’t work. They start attacking as we leave. We barely survive. Reverence finds her dagger down Diego’s pants. She cuts off his pinky in retaliation. We head to the city, but get sidetracked by an open door with voices coming out of it. We fight and kill hobgoblins and a war caster. We rescue Rendil, he says he can hook us up at his family’s inn.

Mages of Saruunkhel seem to run the town.

Rendi, sister of Rendil, was kidnapped.

We go to the chamber of eyes. It is an old church of Torog. We meet a direwolf and archers and dark dwarves. We kick ass. For all that damn fighting, we only get a key. It fits a chest it contains armor, 5 gems, healing potion, 450 g, 500 s. We also find a letter for slaves signed by the sister of the guy Umine found the ring. We decided to split the money and gems between the five of us (not drow). We make camp in cleared room.

Our priestess disappears during the night, leaving her clothes behind. We pack up her clothes and head back to town. We find Edward in the tavern playing a game with Diego and a bunch of other people. Reverence and Edward go off to have a chat with the sister. Things did not go well because she assumed the were there for slaves. She went out another door and didn’t come back. Edward investigated and found a map to Hornhold. Reverence tells Brug the sister is part of the slave traders. Burg says he wants to tell the mages. After walking out, Brug calls for the mages. We have to hurry out before the mages arrive. We leave Patsy and Diego behind to take care of the animals.

Approaching Hornhold, Umine blows our stealth by singing Avandra prayers. Our group decides pose as slave buyers, Edward rings the bell he stole from Kaedhira. Mastersmith druegar with a war hammer comes out to speak with us. He leaves, returns with Kaedhira. We try to haggle with her for slaves. Rendi is not in the first batch of halflings, but she is in the second. We begin to trade 100 gold and the bell for Rendi. We hand the money over, then the gate opens. We get Rendi, then Olren casts sleep on the orcs, druegars, and other slave. In the midst of fighting, Edward offers to let Kaedhira live if she gives him the bell. She accepts the offer and pretends to stand up and fall back down. We beat the crap out of the group. Edward gets his bell. We get our 100 gold back. They have a war hammer and nothing else. We cleaned up after ourselves. Umine converted the other slave, Zoot. We left inscription: Screw you, bitches. Kaedhira.
On way back to town, Kaedhira begins telling us the head of the slave traders is Murkelmore, a paladin of Asmodeus (grrrr…bad dwarf, bad paladin). Reverence asks about the dagger, she says it looks familiar, but she’s not sure if that was the weapon he was looking for. Rendar is the sales and distribution person for the slaves. We get a sketch of the layout of the hold from Kaedhira. Zoot came from Hammerfest, she was helping Jake set up his booth. We remember that Jake was the one to give us the dagger that Murkelmore wants. We get back to the Vale. We decide to have Aurora turn into a literal fly on the wall to see what the mages do after being handed Kaedhira. We hand her over to Brug. The rest of us bring Rendi to her family. Aurora gets transported to the tower with Kaedhira and the mage Orontor. Orontor starts questioning her, she says she was framed and was not a slave trader. He says he is going to put her in the cell.

Aurora flies ahead and warns us that Kardhira says we are the slavers.

Orontor finds us in the inn and asks us to explain ourselves. Rendi and Zoot tell what happened. Orontor asks us to help rid the town of slavers. He offers us 100 gold each to rid the town of the reavers.

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