The Burning Hand

11/25 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (100XP)
  • The Dicks of Doom (600XP)
  • The Ice Chamber (488XP)

Experience points earned this session: 1188

  • Total XP for campaign: 16848
  • Current level after game: 9
    • Level up!
  • XP to next level: 3652

Roleplaying Rewards (100)

  • Outside the Windy Hall (100 XP)

We Are The Dicks of Doom (600 XP)

  • Midnight Blue x1 (120 XP)
  • Snake-Eyes x1 (120 XP)
  • Mr V x1 (120 XP)
  • Lucky x1 (120 XP)
  • Decimator x1 (120 XP)

The Ice Chamber (488 XP)

  • That Darn Statue x1 (8 XP)
  • Chillborn Zombies x4 (300 XP)
  • Mezzodemon x1 (180 XP)
11/25 Loot

Bonus Points!

Rules for BP’s

BP Awards

During the game BP’s (Bonus Points) are rewarded at the DM’s discretion for thefollowing:

* Daring acts
* Roleplaying creatively
* Acing skill challenges
* Being awesome

BP Usage

BP’s come in +1 BP and +2 BP chips and are used to add that number to any roll you wish.

* +1 BP chips may be used before or after a roll
* +2 BP chips may only be used before a roll

If you declare the use of a +BP chip before a roll, it is added to the roll’s “natural” value increasing your crit range!
You may hold as many BP chips as you like but you can only use one per roll, in other words, they do no stack.

BP Awards at the end of the game

At the end of the game the group gets to hand out a +2 BP chip and a +1 BP chip to anyone one or two people in the group. It’s completely up to the group who gets the two chips and why they are awarded them. It could be they are the ones that killed the most minions in a single blow, pissed off the GM the most, roleplayed the best, someone brought food, or just to cheer someone who’s rolling badly again.
The only rule in this is you should not vote for yourself when deciding who gets the bonus BP.

Pyramid of Shadows - Day 4

Hogar finds a note from our merry little adventurers. He makes his way to the pyramid, finds Olren, and they journey along and find us. A debate ensues about if we should go see if Eldon is still alive. Umine, Kaylith, and Equinox decide to go down. Wile Kaylith is trying to figure out how to make Umine not fall, Hogar walks into the trap and falls into the pit with Eldon. Seeing him go, Umine and Kaylith go after him. Umine tells both of them they are on the same team. W fish them out of the pit and wait for Aurora to trigger the trap and get us out. W follow steps up. Enter a room with a statue. The statue comes to life and says help lies in the chamber. We follow where the statue points and find a freezing cold room with pillars of ice with humanoids contained inside. The air from the previous chamber starts to melt the ice, Olren helps and one of the pillars melts/explodes. Battle begins.

Zombies burst forth from the ice pillars and an ice demon burst through the doorway to an adjacent room. After some cold fighting, we defeat the statues and demon. On e other room, we find stuff. We find a box that can change a magic weapon or armor into another type of legal weapon or armor with same magical enchantment, we Also find a weapon of disruprtion +2, a climbing kit, boots of free movement. Umine takes the Morningstar of disruption and the climbing kit, gave Kaylith the greatsword of evil undone and uses the box to turn it into a spear.

We spend an extended rest in the room, people taking watch hear/see different things, hissing heckling laughter, doors moving, etc. After the rest, we go into a long pillared hall. Once we all move inside, the doors shut and a wind demon appears. He says, “A thousand years ago, light missed her chance, tomorrow she will miss it again.” He is joined by the entire company as they recite Taming of the Demon, by that brilliant, but unheard of group Dicks of Doom (We are the Dicks of Doom, and we are going to f^€k you up."). They all have coordinating tattoos and want to destroy the world. Battle begins. Olren starts off with some burning man. The band put up a very impressive show against us, but, in a final rain of blood and body parts (60 points of damage in one blow!!!), we finish the battle. We find a map of orienteering (dude, we totally found the maurader’s map!!!), boots of eagerness, and a crystal ball.

11/11 Items

Library poison

  • You find enough for two applications of the poison
2nd+ Failed Save 1st Failed Save Initial Poison 1st Save 2nd Save
Take 3 times initial poison damage Take double initial poison Take 1d4 + 4 poison damage or initial poison damage Take half initial poison damage Cured

At the bottom of the rat pit

While laying in the pit, Eldon finds a Bag of Holding and a Power Jewel

11/11 XP Report

XP Report

  • Meet Keyloth (500XP)
  • The Woman in the Library (156XP)
  • The Library of Whispers (450XP)
  • The Beast in the Pit (450XP)

Experience points earned this session: 1556

  • Total XP for campaign: 15660
  • Current level after game: 8
  • XP to next level: 840

Meet Keyloth (500 XP)

  • Dark Eye General x1 (200 XP)
  • Dark Eye Tough x2 (150 XP)
  • Dark Eye Ambusher x1 (75 XP)
  • Dark Eye Hunter x1 (75 XP)

The Woman in the Library (156 XP)

  • Elven Woman x1 (156 XP)

The Library of Whispers (450 XP)

  • Eater of Knowledge Voidblades x2 (125 XP)
  • Eater of Knowledge Thoughtbows x2 (150 XP)
  • Eater of Knowledge Mindstrike x1 (175 XP)

The Beast in the Pit (450 XP)

  • Charnel Rats x10 (125 XP)
  • Charnel Lord x1 (250 XP)
  • Pivoting Floor and Wall Trap x1 (75 XP)
Pyramid of Shadows - Day 3

During the night, Umine hears a ruckus. She wakes up Aurora, explains she hears a ruckus. We see a bunch of soldiers with a captive and a leopard in a cage. E captive isn’t happy. When the soldiers find our merry little group of adventurers, we attack. After a shortish battle, we defeat the soldiers and the captive frees herself and introduces herself, Kaylith and Equinox. Umine gets to pet the pretty kitty.

We find a great sword of evil undone Umine’s! and 1200 gold.

We venture onward, find a beautiful library, some of our group hear the books whispering their life stories. Kaylith stumbles across a beautiful elven lady going through the books and looking frustrated. She slashes Kaylith’s throat. Umine attacks her and gets knocked unconscious. A VERY tough battle ensues. Our gang takes an extended rest in the library, sharing watches.

After our nice rest, we venture onward. Kaylith picks the lock on the door we think leads out of the library, gets pricked by a needle, gets bad poisoning. She takes off the needle and gets the vial of poison from the mechanism. The door opens onto a small room, containing 4 small display cases, each with one book. One book contains information about Cassandra, goddess of light. Umine carefully wraps the book into a cloth and places it into her pack.

We pass back by the heads, they don’t really know anything about the books, but don’t like the evil. We go back into the bridges room and go into the room the room to the south. We come up a flight of stairs, to a room with two statues and nothing else. Umine and Equinox head over to check out the door, the floor shifts up and the wall flips down, causing Umine and Equinox to slide down a chute and end up in a dark pit with a giant rat. Kaylith goes after her cat. Umine pulls out a sunrod. A bunch of rats appear in the room and attack those left in the room with the statues. Eldon attacks the statue instead of anything else.

10/28 Items

In case you don’t have access to the compendium, here are the items with sources at the botten from the last adventure—

10/28 XP Report

XP Report

  • Entrance Pit (429XP)
  • The Bridge (400XP)
  • Flooded Chamber (275XP)

Experience points earned this session: 1104

  • Total XP for campaign: 14104
  • Current level after game: 8
  • XP to next level: 2396

Entrance Pit (429 XP)

  • Carrion Crawlers x2 (150 XP)
  • Garruk, Ettin Headhunter x1 (250 XP)
  • Headless Rotters x3 (29 XP)

The Bridge (400 XP)

  • Harpies x2 (125 XP)
  • Sahuagin Raiders x3 (188 XP)
  • Sahuagin Priest x1 (88 XP)

Flooded Chamber (275 XP)

  • Blackscale Bruisers x2 (125 XP)
  • Greenscale Hunters x2 (88 XP)
  • Greenscale Marsh Mystic x1 (63 XP)
Pyramid of Shadows - Day 2

When we wake up, we notice the forest around our campsite is abnormally quiet. We head back to th pyramid, and head down a secondary entrance. We notice a headless body flung on e stairs. It looks like it came from down a corridor at the bottom of the stairs. Eldon loots the body, finds 80 gold pieces. Eldon starts calling around for the head. Umine even has enough sense to not do that. Olren casts light on a rock and Umine throws it down the corridor. We see a room with a pit and a giant creature with two heads. We have a discussion amongsts ourselves. Eldon tries to get Umine to go fight the beast. Eldon decides to go talk to the beast. It demands 4 heads. Eldon decides to go out of the pyramid and get five heads from random bodies and presents them to the beast. The beast is not happy with this “gift”. Eldon runs back behind Umine. The beast throws the heads at Umine, Umine leads the attack. She notices giant millipede creatures in the pit. It’s a tough battle, but we beat the beast, the millipedes and the headless corpses. After the battle, the heads start talking to us. They say they can help us and that evil must not be in the chamber when it’s revealed, or evil will get the power. They say it is The Evil. The heads direct us to the top of the pyramid. We loot the corpses. We find a “mysterious box with contents to be revealed later.”

We follow a door and go down a hallway. We finally come across a large room covered in murky water with a platform floating on the other side of the room. We have a slow battle,finally get the main lizard guy beaten, and loot his body. He has a gem sack with 2400 worth of gems. We split the money and go into the room on the other side of the platform. We find a small room and a statue. When we walk in, the statue says, “She is fragile, you must protect her.” Eldon wants to go back and talk to the heads, we decide time is of the essence and chose the staircase on the other side of the room, it comes out near the heads, so we drop by. They don’t know about anyone fragile. We pick another door.

We enter another room: a balcony 10 feet above the water with rope bridges dipping down to even with the water, leading to another balcony at the end of the room and on the sides of the room, the balconies on the sides have a pair of statues each. Seem lizard guys are lurking in the water and another lizard priest guy hanging out at the other balcony. A harpy flies in and joins the battle. We do the whole fight thing. Close to the end of the battle, Umine doesn’t have anything to contribute, so she goes to check out a pair of statues on one of the balconies. We loot the corpse, and find another “mysterious box with contents to be revealed later.” Eldon checks out the other statues no they say, “The library. Heed the whispers.”

We decide to find a place to barricade down for an extended rest. We choose the room with the heads. Oh well, atleast we will have someone to talk to while we rest.


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