The Burning Hand

Pyramid of Shadows -Day 1

Aurora meets a gnome, Eldon, sitting outside the inn, he asks if he knows her, she says he can tag along. He meets the rest of the group, makes notes in his book. We decide to head off on our next adventure. We leave Thunderspire and head for the Pyramid of Shadows.

As we are wandering along, when suddenly a dragon and 5 dwarves jump out and attack us. We have a victory. As we start looting the bodies, a bracelet starts projecting a ghostly image, and it says: this area is under the control of the Dark Eye Army. We should leave now. The ghost says we have earned what is on the bodies, but we need to leave. We don’t find much of interest, other than a bracelet of communication and transportation.

We keep walking , looking for a nice place to rest. We decide to get within site of the pyramid before we rest. We encounter a groups of dwarves. One has a whip and Eldon tries to talk to him, but gets nowhere. After the fight was mostly over, he used his magic bracelet and disappeared. “Karavakos will hear of this.”

Thunderspire Labyrinth - Tower of Mysteries, part 2

Edwyrd, Umine, Olren and Aroura teleport into another chamber in the middle of four smooth pillars. There is a door to the north, Edwyrd goes exploring. He sees a giant construct in one corner, sees another four pillar with a rune in the middle, and hears clinking glass coming from another room; he baracades that door. Aurora freaks out after the teleport and turns into a bug and hides in Umine’s hair. He baracades another door, he hears maniacal laughter behind door. Umine goes forward to check out the giant construct, but she goes clang, and what’s in the other room hears her. Those in the other room rattle the barricaded door, then run out the other door. Battle begins, Reverence and Hogar appear. We fight, enigmas of Vecna decide to pick Umine’s mind, they hear elevator music. After we win, we find a half finished bronze warder in a lab, Edwryd wants to finish it, Reverance pours out a necessary vial so he can’t, but gets acid splashed on her when it explodes. Hogar tries to determine if the bronze warder that we give up. We play with it, Umine gets carried away and clicks the button lots. Edwryd puts on the enigmas robes and pushes the button again. Nothing really happens again, so we go through the next portal.

We are now in the third level of the tower of mysteries. On the north, west and east are doors with an eye set in. Edwryd wants to go left. Hogar opens a door. We all pile into the room. It contains a red curtain, an orb and a desk. Olren looks into the orb, gets attack and the orb breaks into shards. The red curtain opens and Paldomar appears and attacks Olren. He then throws a vial on the floor and disappears. We become fascinated by the blank books and invisible ink, Edwryd takes the ink, we take some books and enter another room. We see a temple of Vecna with the head of Vecna, and an iron statue of Vecna. We feel boss fight coming on. We find a mantle, and a +2 magic staff on Paldomar. We find ritual book, and a scroll. The scroll is transferring powers from a Mage and reeks of bad things. Three rituals were in the book: Arcane Lock, Brew Potion, and Leomund’s Secert Chest. The map shows a glowing pyramid and a lush forest. Seek Karavakos. Vast magic. It’s a weeks travel away. Olren cackles a little mad scientistly at the thought of more power.

We travel back to the Seven Pillar Hall. The mages are grateful, they may have more quests for us in the future. We rest. Yay!

Thunderspire Labyrinth - Tower of Mysteries

The next day, we head to where the key is leading Edwyrd. We enter the passageway located behind the door the key fit, and find a hall with a glowing blue circle on the floor. Edwyrd jumps in, because it can’t be bad since the key led us there. But, when he gets next to it, Vecna appears and requires payment from each. Umine asks if he’d like to hear the word of Avandra. He does not seem interested or pleased that Umine suggested. Edwyrd steps up and starts in on his bell spiel, trying to sell his commerative bell. Vecna seems intrigued. We talk about Reverence’s Pon Far, Hammerfest Hammerfest, Umine sacrificed Pony’s bowler hat. Vecna loves bowler hats. Edwyrd talks more about his bell. Then Edwyrd tells him the legend of the Head of Vecna. Edwyrd tells about the deadly grassy gnoll and the dreaded gazebo. Vecna is pleased and grants us entrance Edwyrd negotiates passage for Hogar and Reverence in exchange for two reproduction bells. Vecna disappears.

We appear in a hall with pillars with human faces. Some were blindfolded, some were gagged. This is some freaky S&M dungeon or something. The pillars would attack us if we got too close, then minions and norkers appeared. We fought them off, made it to a safe room, and decided to go jump on some telortation runes Aroura discovered. We left a note for Reverence and Hogar in the safe room to not go over to the room across the chambers. Those have Vecna Enigmas lurking in it.

Thunderspire Labyrinth - Post Dragon

After a good rest, Edwyrd shows back up, knocks out a dragon tooth. Our current group walks to the door. We are surrounded by grey mist, that muffles even our companions’ sound. We walk into a room filled with bad meanies, including a Mage. Two captives are being held in a circle of glowing runes. We fight a bunch of creatures. We kill the mage, Maldric. He has a note from Paldamar suggesting an alliance. Paldamar says he wants to topple the mages of Saruun. He has also been sacrificing items to Vecna. He is currently residing In a stronghold called the Tower of Mysteries. Edwyrd has a vision of a tunnel north of the Seven Pillard Hall and feels emotionally drawn to go there.

Olren goes to examine the runes and the prisoner still alive in the circle. Patsy shows up saying it is his sister and was her boyfriend being held captavive. Patsy asks an awkward question: Why is Reverence talking to a poetic half-Orc.

Olren goes off laughing, Edwyrd tells him to go after Reverence. Patsy asks Umine if anything was happening between Hogar and Reverence. Umine pretends to be interested in eating a cupcake demon. It’s got lemon filling!! Edwyrd tells him to go after Reverence.

Patsy’s sister comes to, understands that we couldn’t save her boyfriend, but tells Patsy he is still in our servitude.

We head back so Edwyrd can mock the ghosts. We head back to Seven Pillar Hall. We rest the night at the Seven Pillar Hall.

Thunderspire Labyrinth - Preparing for the Dragon

While resting, the group encountered Hogar, a half Orc entertainer. He is willing to join the group. Lights appeared and he did a small performance. He made a lute and his armor appear out of thin air.

The group talked to the spirits and are getting ready to prepare for the proving grounds. We wander around aimlessly for way too long. Umine stands in some circles We finally arrive at a room with richly detailed statues. Umine stands in another blue circle. Nothing happens. All of us stand in the circle, nothing happens. Reverence puts the blade in circle, nothing happens. We all split up and each put an item in a circle. All the door fling open and we all hear a loud roar rend the air. Suddenly,Olren runs screaming into the room with Umine. Umine says, “hi!” Hogar sees tentacles appearing out of the holes in his room, runs out of his room. A doomsphere materialized and began speeding along the track on the floor, away from Hogar. Skeletons shambling out. She tries to put the nearest one at peace, when that doesn’t work, she attacks it and it goes poof.

The dragon appears, flies around after everyone. We regroup, beat the dragon. The ghosts reappear, tell us the door that opened behind us leads to the proving ground and will only be open 24 hours. We decide to sleep on the dragon and hope Edwyrd and Aroura shows back up.

Thunderspire Labyrinth - Seven Pillar Hall Cont.

When we last left our plucky adventurers, Olren, our narcoleptic Wizard, has fallen fast asleep. Umine, who was transported after her brilliant dance routine, is still in the enclosed cell. She tried to befriend the gnoll she found there, but he had gone crazy from starvation and loneliness and attacked. Umine killed him, but was unable to find any way out of the cell. Not long after, Edwyrd appears in the cell as well.

Elsewhere, Aurora and Reverance investigate the alter they have camped near. They push a button and Edwyrd and Umine appear at the beginning of the room again. They both use shiny surfaces to navigate the room, per suggestions from Aurora and Reverance. They found a black wood mask. Umine investigates the different mirrors, then we leave the room.

We come across a room with two Minotaur statues and lots of blood. Most of the floor is beneath six feet of blood, and, as Umine obsereved, the blood looks poisonous. Edwyrd almost single handedly defeated on statue. We play the floor is lava…well blood, atleast and cross to the different platforms, defeat the other statue, then Aroura flies to pick up the broken dagger. We combine the dagger, Edwyrd wants to carry it, starts playing with it, then gets possessed and attacks Umine. He scratches Umine and Reverence looses an arrow near his head. Aurora notices he’s possessed. He said he was sorry. We enter another room. The room could easily be a circle of hell, with columns of bodies, abnormally long arms and talons. We wake up a barlgura and some a bunch of demons. We beat the demons and barlgura and decide to stay in the intersection with the ghosts. We take shifts. The ghosts wanted to talk, but the first shift was Umine’s and the ghost disparaged Avandra. Umine spent her entire shift ignoring the ghosts. Edwyrd and Reverance took the next shift and SEXUAL TENSION YOU GUYS!!!!!

Thunderspire Labyrinth - Seven Pillar Hall

Reverence finds us, finds out we killed her friends, and is not happy with us. She clears us out of the room and sets them on fire. We show her the book on Bahamet. She says she doesn’t know when they turned into cultists. Edward has gone out “for fresh air” sometime while we were sleeping.

We go into a room we hear barking from, find 4 hyenas and gnoll huntsmen. Aurora tries to calm down a hyena, it backs down but is still growling. Reverence tries to calm a hyena, fails. Umine goes around the back entrance to get to the gnolls. Umine and co fight off the gnolls. Reverence pours mead over the gnoll corpses, while Umine sneaks up and frees the direboar, heals him and ends up riding the boar. We take the boar back to his owner, he proposes to Umine, then immediately regrets it. Instead, he gives Umine a giant jewel (worth 100 gold).

Reverence sends a letter to the dead teflings’ mother, informing they have been killed by an unknown Drau. She says her life debt to Edward is cleared and she no longer has to protect him.

We head back to the place we found Piggy, come upon an intersection and find blood trails on the floor. Spectral figures rise from the blood: a human with a big black beard and chain mail, a male dwarves paladin, and a wizard in green robes. We talk to them, they wish peace for themselves. They say we need three more items to enter: the bell, book, knife and mask. We head North.

We follow the passage to a set of double doors, open them and see a blue velvet curtain. Umine cannot resist the urge TO DANCE!!!! She breaks into her best Dwarven drinking song and step dance, the goes into another dance, as she’s spinning, she notices pillars of mirrors, unfortunately, the one she chooses to spot herself in, is a teleportation mirror. She disappears into thin air. The others try to figure out a way to look around and find Umine, without looking in any mirrors. Olrin looks at a different mirror and gets teleported to another part of the chamber. Aurora polishes her short sword and is walking backwards, using the sword as a mirror. Olrin looks around and keeps getting attacked by mirrors. He closes his eyes. Reverence closes her eyes and uses her long bow as a walking cane to get to Aurora. Reverence takes the sword, leads Aurora and Marco polos their way to Olrin. They find another curtain at the end of the chamber.

They look under the curtain with a sword and see two bone shard fighters, which come after them. There is fire and fighting, and things are not going well for our little gang.

Thunderspire Labyrinth - Sven Pillar Hall

After a narrow victory from an ambush, and uncovering a scroll stating, “I don’t care what you do, get rid of these adventurers. -Paldemar”

We head back to the Seven Pillar Hall, rest up. It’s the next morning, we see hand written sign saying, “Lost: Piggy. See Olthan Deepgem.”

Edward goes around disguised as a different Drau asking about who to go to to kill our group. He doesn’t make any friends.

We decide to go talk to a guy about a pig. We get there and it’s the Deep Gem Company. Edward handed him the poster. Olthan says that he lost his pet direboar. He says the last place he saw piggy was in the mines. Piggy does not, much to Umine’s disappointment, not wear a beanie. There might have been some gnolls involved. They may or may not be grassy.

Umine brings Brug a dozen donuts, asks where the mines are so we can look for Piggy. Brug says that really, we want to go to the Well of Demons. Brug said it used to be a place where young Minotaurs used to go to prove themselves.

As we enter, Aurora notices two creatures hanging near the ceiling. They drop down and attack us along with a falgore and a grizzly goul. We defeat them and decide to follow the left hand path.

We find a room with two Teefling dark blades, a Ludo and a gnoll demonic scourge. We hand them their asses! We find a book to the cult of Baphomet in one room, a chest in the other with a gold, diamond and ruby necklace, a jade bracelet, and 62 gold. We decide to barricade ourselves in for an extended rest.

Hammerfest Day 2

The next day, we go into the ring to fight, and out comes the group we were mistaken for, then accused of impersonating – The Flaming Fist. They have a female drow rogue, a male Tiefling, a male dwarf paladin, a male shifter and a female wizard.

HammerFest HammerFest

We wake up, and the inn is deserted except for Rendil. He says everyone has gone to Hammerfest. Umine is vibrating in excitement.


Edwyrd does his “morning jog”. Reverence threatens Rendil with bodily harm if he steals anything. Edwyrd gets a hammer and belt for Umine. She squees.  A guy comes up to us and asks if we are the Flaming Fist. He pins a rose with a black tip.  We feel a magical shimmer run through us. Reverence and Umine get ready to fight. Umine chugs a tankard of ale to get herself battle ready.  We win the fight, Patsy wandered off, we notice the two halflings looked a great deal like Rendil. Edwyrd and Aurora go investigate to find information. He finds the Slugg brothers. Edwyrd talks to them, and they say don’t know where the slaves come from. Edwyrd finds a tent with guards, tries to get in, tries to make all the guards distracted, and gets pulled away by a large guard. Edwyrd breaks away. Aurora sneaks in. She sees a slave camp full of halflings, but no Patsy. She hears shuffling from a cage. 

We fight in a capture the flag battle, win, and Herder calls us liars and brings out the Flaming Fists. We will fight the next day at noon. 

Edwyrd talks us up in the bar in his drow form. Reverence goes looking for Patsy and the dwarf Bogart. Bogart says Patsy has been cheating at games, but is lying. She goes to find Zoot, gets a bowler hat for Pony, gets in a discussion with Jake about the dagger, tells him that Diego took it and offers his head. She returns to the inn, hears a knock on her window, it’s Patsy, he says he tried to free the slaves because he found his sister, Scape, there. Zoot and Diego were trying to help and be adventurers like us. They decide to free the slaves while we are fighting. 


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