The Burning Hand

Hammerfest South - Rev returns

We earn 4,000 gold a piece at the Hammerfest. We spend the night in the nice inn. Sometime in the early morning, Hogar gets awoken by a knock on his door. Reverence is on the other side, she hands him a letter from Edwyrd explaining he will meet up with Revernce in Hammerfest South, and that someone names Meglan is looking for us. Umine happily gives leadership of the group back to Reverence.
There is some major confusion and commotion going on, as Umine, of all people, hears a commotion on the street. The ghostbusters librarian lady from the pyramid is back and pulling people out of buildings. It appears they are looking for our group. There is a great big old commotion and suddenly, Umine is flying out a window and into a pile of garbage. Olren casts wall of shadow on the garbage pile to disguise our landing. We decide to break into groups to escape. Hogar,Umine and Eldon form one group, Reverence, Aroura and Olren form the other.
Eldon tells Umine Avandra isn’t real. Umine cries. Hogar and Eldon decide to try to bluff and pretend Eldon and Umine caught Hogar. It didn’t work. Hogar roars, intimidates the guards that find us, while they are calling for backup, we run into the crowd to lose them. We duck into an alley, and see two guards run by. Umine doesn’t do a very good job at stealthing, she makes quick work of the two guards that find them. Eldon tells them to run to the Ragged Flagon to meet up with the others, and runs in the other direction. We finally all meet up, and follow Taflan, mentioned in Edwyrd’s note, into the sewers. He tells them to step where he steps. Hogar and Reverence carry Umine between them to avoid trip wires. We run into four guys, one covered in chains (decorative, not restraining). They say they want the bounty on our heads.

Stone of Earth. (Aka A rock) – miss enemy on melee, rerole
Summoned Armor +3 – minor action, wear armor
Enduring Beast Armor – while you are in beast form, gain +2 when spending a healing surge
And 12,000 gold.

After a huge hard fought battle, we finally defeat the dudes and follow our guide back to his thieves guild. Edwyrd is waiting for us at the guild. He doesn’t want to join us. Another guild member offers to give us information for where we want to go…for 4,000 gold.

They tell us they think its at the Canyons of Gothay. They provide us some provisions and a desert guide. We should be able to reach the canyons the next day. We arrive night of the next day. Looking down into the canyons, we see just caves. Our guide tells us he will wait until the next afternoon. We climb down and begin to explore the caves. After a bit of exploring, we get the feeling we are looking in the wrong direction.

Side Quest - Hammerfest South

As we journey south, we see signs for Hammerfest South, and at the bottom all say “Rat Skull Productions”. Umine squeals and skips a bit at each sign. She rummages through her pack until she finds the Hammerfest belt to see if she can get the group in free, but Hogar wants to disguise us all so we aren’t recognized. Umine talks Aroura into being a parrot and the rest into being pirates. Unfortunately, Umine just puts on an eyepatch and thinks that’s good. Hogar manages to convince the guards that we are Dread Pirate Roberts and to let us in free. The guard does wonder if we are the Burning Hand, because that group would be welcome with open arms. Umine squeaks a little each mention. We finally make it inside the fairgrounds, see Keith’s Apocathary and Camel Tack, a wheel of fortune, a petting zoo, fried dragon on a stick vendors, Hammerfest Blacksmith, dunk-a-witch/dunk-a-duck, petting zoo, face painters, clowns, and a giant tent in the middle. A guard stops us and asks if we are planning on competing, but tells us we are one short. Umine says the parrot is a fighting parrot, but she might be shy. We say we shall compete and wander over to the food tent. As we are attempting to find a wanted poster to see if it mentions Aurora is a shapeshifter or not, a panchoed fighter comes over, introduces himself as Pancho Villa Chiquettalita with maracas of death. He wants to join our team, and proves his ability by blowing up the toilets. We agree to allow him to join, then he brings over his brother, Pollo Loco Chiquettalita, who would also like to join. He is a giant, warrior chicken man. PL gives off a barbaric squawk and challenges Umine to hit him as hard as she can; she punches him, feathers fly off, leaving a bare spot, with begins to regrow feathers.

We go back to the guards and tell them our group is named the Feet of Iron. The guards are just as perplexed with us group as we are. They tell us to go to the back of the giant tent and ask for O, the MC. We meet O Fortuna (Tommy, please never go on vacation again), who tells us that it is time for us to go fight. Rules of the fight: live. Reward: Hammerfest South belt and whatever money gets thrown at us.

We enter the arena, we hear thunderous cheering, animals roaring, and a strange animalistic hissing and the crowd chanting, “Aragog! Aragog!” We reach the porticalus, and prepare to enter the arena.

The gates open, PL crows, Hogar notices a huge hairy spider leg in one corner. Hogar decides to try to push the chicken into the arena, but that doesn’t work, so he ventures out into the arena, and notices more, smaller, but still sizable spiders in other parts of the arena. Pollo gets bitten by the big spider. After a few rounds, Pollo falls to the ground, and a progenitor spider swarm bursts out of Pollo’s stomach. Ew. Poncho Villa doesn’t like that very much, and asks where the library is located. Unfortunately, soon he, too, succumbs to the affliction that took his brother. After a really hard fought battle, we finally defeated all the spiders.

Naziz the Hutt summons us forward, and Eldon bursts out of a casing that totally wasn’t carbonite. An as yet uncounted amount of gold rains down on us, and we are presented with the Hammerfest South belt. Umine squees. They allow us to rest in their finest rooms.

3/3 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (500XP)
  • Hijacked! (888XP)

Experience points earned this session: 1388

  • Total XP for campaign: 21896
  • Current level after game: 10
  • XP to next level: 4104

Roleplaying Rewards (500)

  • Shipwrecked (500 XP)

Hijacked! (888 XP)

  • Pirate x6 (576 XP)
  • Captain x1 (240 XP)
  • Crossbow Pirate x3 (72 XP)
2/3 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (1350XP)
  • The Orrery (705XP)

Experience points earned this session: 2055

  • Total XP for campaign: 20508
  • Current level after game: 10
    • Level up!
  • XP to next level: 5492

Roleplaying Rewards (1350)

  • The Rickety Ladder (350 XP)
  • The Pyramid of Shadows (1000 XP)

The Orrery (705 XP)

  • Karavakos x1 (240 XP)
  • Dark Eye Guard x5 (125 XP)
  • Karavakos’ Guard S x1 (120 XP)
  • Karavakos’ Guard B x1 (120 XP)
  • Karavako’s Guard C x1 (100 XP)
In the City

We arrive at the walled city of (insert name that is similar to Auld Lang Sine). As we enter the city, a guard passes us flyers about recruiting men for the army. We notice a lack of townspeople. The group splits up, the Orc and the gnome go off to find information about the resistance. Kaylith and Umine go off to buy potions. We meet up in the Red Flagon. Eldon gives someone a glass of wine from his flagon to have them go tell Umine they’d like to hear about Avandra. Umine happily breaks into her speech, but the patron sets down the wine and leaves. Kaylith goes over to talk to a hot guy in a shadowy corner. She embarrasses herself. Eldon goes over, embarrasses her more. Kaylith and Umine get into a discussion about Reverence and Edwyrd. It almost doesn’t go well, but Umine finally convinces her that Rev and Ed were okay guys.

Meanwhile, the guys get into a discussion with the bartender about actively fighting dark forces versus slacktavisim. We go to another bar, the Leaky Cupboard. W find a pirate and try to negotiate with the him, he says he will take us for 1000 gold. Negotiations do not go well amongst our group, and we start a bar brawl. We decide to take the pirate up on the offer and meet the ship t dawn the next morning. We get hidden around the ship, and the ship launches. We stop and hear scuffling sounds, they stop and the ship begins moving again. Six hours later, we are still in the hold. Kaylith gets out and let’s everyone else out. We find some drunk pirates who realize we were supposed to be let out. We find our quarters. About two weeks into our journey, we hear a kerfluffle and see an official looking ship pull alongside us and prepare to board. A battle begins. Thngs look really bad, and the ship starts sinking and the official pirates that boarded us get the heck out of dodge. Kaylith sees four boats from our ship floating away. We decide to abondon ship, Kaylith and Umine tear off a door. The cat, Umine and Kaylith land on the door, Olren and Hogar land in the water. We manage to get all together and float to shore. We find dead bodies,, and in looting them we find a cloak of translocation +2 (Kaylith).

We sleep for the night, the next day, we find a man who looks like a tinkerer walking along the beach. So teething seems kind of off. He sells us six scrolls, they are all rolled up wanted posters of our group. He tells us for a favor later, he will get us into the city undetected. He tells us to go to the sewers and we will be met by a guide. As we leave, he says “Good luck at Hammerfest South.” Umine squees.

2/3 Loots Cards

Endless Flagon coming later…

Pyramid - top of the pyramid

We are at the door at the end of the corridor, Kaylith listens at the door and says she hears soldiers jumping. Eldon stuck his head in through the doors, saw machinery and Karavokas. Kaylith is ready to go in, arrows at the ready. We fight a really, really horrible battle, and almost didn’t make it, but came back like the Fourty-Niners after the power outage. We finally manage to stay alive and kill everyone lee. W find a staff of storms +2 (Aroura’s), dice of auspicious fortune, Dwarven armor +3, citrine solitaire, and gem of true seeing. We look around, find some broken rocks that lead to open air and a 300 foot drop. We decide to go another way out, find lots of dead bodies, but no monsters. W decide to journey to the port city. Note taker is ignoring any double entendres about ports and bushes.

As we are walking along, everyone but Umine sees a man walking with a donkey full of stuff and a wagon full of stuff. He is a tinker! We trade some items for a bear headdress for Aurora, endless flagon, and boots of boarding. We test the flagon, then continue on toward the port city.

1/20 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (350XP)
  • The Grand Stairs (540XP)
  • Rumble in the Halls (715XP)

Experience points earned this session: 1605

  • Total XP for campaign: 18453
  • Current level after game: 9
  • XP to next level: 2047

Roleplaying Rewards (350)

  • The Rickety Ladder (350 XP)

The Grand Stairs (540 XP)

  • Gargoyles x2 (240 XP)
  • Bloodfire Harpy x1 (120 XP)
  • Shifting Stairs x1 (90 XP)
  • Clamping Stairs x1 (90 XP)

Rumble in the Halls (715 XP)

  • Dark Eye Footman x4 (240 XP)
  • Dark Eye Enlistee x6 (159 XP)
  • Shadow Swarm x12 (227 XP)
  • Echo of Madness x1 (90 XP)

As we take our rest, Kaylith notices the pyramid shaking. We wake up and continue forward. After following along tunnels, we find it ends, a rickety old ladder leading up. Kaylith begins to climb, after a time, some arrows fall back towards us. Eventually, Kaylith reaches the top, ties a sunrod to the rope and drops it back down. Umine climbs up, adds her rope to the end. Aurora ties two lengths of rope together, turns into a faerie, flies up, ties off the rope o the way. We pull up the rest of the group. After a short rest, we continue on a dark tunnel. Eventually, we come upon a door. We open the door and find a spiral staircase going up. We start up the stairs, which start rocking and rolling as we try to go up. A harpy enters, starts singing some Coldplay, damaging our eardrums. Then two gargoyles join the party. After some intense rounds, we end the Harpy’s concert. We start after the gargoyles. One eventually explodes, but the other turns to stone and begins to heal. We find boots of the fencing master on the harpy. Edwyrd would love them. We continue u the stairwell and go through the door at the top of the room. We go down another hallway, then hear the muffled sounds of battle. We find what would be a secret door, but we are on the non secret side, we can hear fighting and yelling on the other side. W push open the door and find…lots of rubble, and the guys we’ve been fighting are fighting evil looking wisps (smoke monster) and a litch king who appears to be controlling the wisps. We decide to stay quiet and get a feel of things, but Eldon yells out, “Hw much to join your side?” The litch king sends wisps after us. As we fight, we feel the pyramid shake, stronger than before. We take it the litch king and the wisps disappear. One of the other guys guarding the barricade tells us that Lord (insert name of the bad dude we are trying to stop) needs more time. We realize we need to fight the other guys. We find gloves of storing, 160 gold each, and a cloak of the walking wounded +2 (Umine takes the cloak, Eldon takes the gloves). We listen to the door, we hear machinery. We open the door, see a hallway sloping up with a mural going along both sides, one side with a dark figure standing triumphant and the right side ending with a Phoenix rising, as we journey up, we see both murals going backwards in the story, ending with a woman painted on a door, with ancient elven underneath. It says something like she is born once every thousand years, no gods decide what she is used for good or evil, only man.

11/25 XP Report

XP Report

  • Roleplaying Rewards (100XP)
  • The Dicks of Doom (600XP)
  • The Ice Chamber (488XP)

Experience points earned this session: 1188

  • Total XP for campaign: 16848
  • Current level after game: 9
    • Level up!
  • XP to next level: 3652

Roleplaying Rewards (100)

  • Outside the Windy Hall (100 XP)

We Are The Dicks of Doom (600 XP)

  • Midnight Blue x1 (120 XP)
  • Snake-Eyes x1 (120 XP)
  • Mr V x1 (120 XP)
  • Lucky x1 (120 XP)
  • Decimator x1 (120 XP)

The Ice Chamber (488 XP)

  • That Darn Statue x1 (8 XP)
  • Chillborn Zombies x4 (300 XP)
  • Mezzodemon x1 (180 XP)

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