The Burning Hand

Thunderspire Labyrinth - Tower of Mysteries

The next day, we head to where the key is leading Edwyrd. We enter the passageway located behind the door the key fit, and find a hall with a glowing blue circle on the floor. Edwyrd jumps in, because it can’t be bad since the key led us there. But, when he gets next to it, Vecna appears and requires payment from each. Umine asks if he’d like to hear the word of Avandra. He does not seem interested or pleased that Umine suggested. Edwyrd steps up and starts in on his bell spiel, trying to sell his commerative bell. Vecna seems intrigued. We talk about Reverence’s Pon Far, Hammerfest Hammerfest, Umine sacrificed Pony’s bowler hat. Vecna loves bowler hats. Edwyrd talks more about his bell. Then Edwyrd tells him the legend of the Head of Vecna. Edwyrd tells about the deadly grassy gnoll and the dreaded gazebo. Vecna is pleased and grants us entrance Edwyrd negotiates passage for Hogar and Reverence in exchange for two reproduction bells. Vecna disappears.

We appear in a hall with pillars with human faces. Some were blindfolded, some were gagged. This is some freaky S&M dungeon or something. The pillars would attack us if we got too close, then minions and norkers appeared. We fought them off, made it to a safe room, and decided to go jump on some telortation runes Aroura discovered. We left a note for Reverence and Hogar in the safe room to not go over to the room across the chambers. Those have Vecna Enigmas lurking in it.



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