The Burning Hand

Thunderspire Labyrinth - Sven Pillar Hall

After a narrow victory from an ambush, and uncovering a scroll stating, “I don’t care what you do, get rid of these adventurers. -Paldemar”

We head back to the Seven Pillar Hall, rest up. It’s the next morning, we see hand written sign saying, “Lost: Piggy. See Olthan Deepgem.”

Edward goes around disguised as a different Drau asking about who to go to to kill our group. He doesn’t make any friends.

We decide to go talk to a guy about a pig. We get there and it’s the Deep Gem Company. Edward handed him the poster. Olthan says that he lost his pet direboar. He says the last place he saw piggy was in the mines. Piggy does not, much to Umine’s disappointment, not wear a beanie. There might have been some gnolls involved. They may or may not be grassy.

Umine brings Brug a dozen donuts, asks where the mines are so we can look for Piggy. Brug says that really, we want to go to the Well of Demons. Brug said it used to be a place where young Minotaurs used to go to prove themselves.

As we enter, Aurora notices two creatures hanging near the ceiling. They drop down and attack us along with a falgore and a grizzly goul. We defeat them and decide to follow the left hand path.

We find a room with two Teefling dark blades, a Ludo and a gnoll demonic scourge. We hand them their asses! We find a book to the cult of Baphomet in one room, a chest in the other with a gold, diamond and ruby necklace, a jade bracelet, and 62 gold. We decide to barricade ourselves in for an extended rest.



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