The Burning Hand

Thunderspire Labyrinth - Preparing for the Dragon

While resting, the group encountered Hogar, a half Orc entertainer. He is willing to join the group. Lights appeared and he did a small performance. He made a lute and his armor appear out of thin air.

The group talked to the spirits and are getting ready to prepare for the proving grounds. We wander around aimlessly for way too long. Umine stands in some circles We finally arrive at a room with richly detailed statues. Umine stands in another blue circle. Nothing happens. All of us stand in the circle, nothing happens. Reverence puts the blade in circle, nothing happens. We all split up and each put an item in a circle. All the door fling open and we all hear a loud roar rend the air. Suddenly,Olren runs screaming into the room with Umine. Umine says, “hi!” Hogar sees tentacles appearing out of the holes in his room, runs out of his room. A doomsphere materialized and began speeding along the track on the floor, away from Hogar. Skeletons shambling out. She tries to put the nearest one at peace, when that doesn’t work, she attacks it and it goes poof.

The dragon appears, flies around after everyone. We regroup, beat the dragon. The ghosts reappear, tell us the door that opened behind us leads to the proving ground and will only be open 24 hours. We decide to sleep on the dragon and hope Edwyrd and Aroura shows back up.



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