The Burning Hand

Thunderspire Labyrinth - Post Dragon

After a good rest, Edwyrd shows back up, knocks out a dragon tooth. Our current group walks to the door. We are surrounded by grey mist, that muffles even our companions’ sound. We walk into a room filled with bad meanies, including a Mage. Two captives are being held in a circle of glowing runes. We fight a bunch of creatures. We kill the mage, Maldric. He has a note from Paldamar suggesting an alliance. Paldamar says he wants to topple the mages of Saruun. He has also been sacrificing items to Vecna. He is currently residing In a stronghold called the Tower of Mysteries. Edwyrd has a vision of a tunnel north of the Seven Pillard Hall and feels emotionally drawn to go there.

Olren goes to examine the runes and the prisoner still alive in the circle. Patsy shows up saying it is his sister and was her boyfriend being held captavive. Patsy asks an awkward question: Why is Reverence talking to a poetic half-Orc.

Olren goes off laughing, Edwyrd tells him to go after Reverence. Patsy asks Umine if anything was happening between Hogar and Reverence. Umine pretends to be interested in eating a cupcake demon. It’s got lemon filling!! Edwyrd tells him to go after Reverence.

Patsy’s sister comes to, understands that we couldn’t save her boyfriend, but tells Patsy he is still in our servitude.

We head back so Edwyrd can mock the ghosts. We head back to Seven Pillar Hall. We rest the night at the Seven Pillar Hall.



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