The Burning Hand

Thunderspire Labyrinth - Seven Pillar Hall Cont.

When we last left our plucky adventurers, Olren, our narcoleptic Wizard, has fallen fast asleep. Umine, who was transported after her brilliant dance routine, is still in the enclosed cell. She tried to befriend the gnoll she found there, but he had gone crazy from starvation and loneliness and attacked. Umine killed him, but was unable to find any way out of the cell. Not long after, Edwyrd appears in the cell as well.

Elsewhere, Aurora and Reverance investigate the alter they have camped near. They push a button and Edwyrd and Umine appear at the beginning of the room again. They both use shiny surfaces to navigate the room, per suggestions from Aurora and Reverance. They found a black wood mask. Umine investigates the different mirrors, then we leave the room.

We come across a room with two Minotaur statues and lots of blood. Most of the floor is beneath six feet of blood, and, as Umine obsereved, the blood looks poisonous. Edwyrd almost single handedly defeated on statue. We play the floor is lava…well blood, atleast and cross to the different platforms, defeat the other statue, then Aroura flies to pick up the broken dagger. We combine the dagger, Edwyrd wants to carry it, starts playing with it, then gets possessed and attacks Umine. He scratches Umine and Reverence looses an arrow near his head. Aurora notices he’s possessed. He said he was sorry. We enter another room. The room could easily be a circle of hell, with columns of bodies, abnormally long arms and talons. We wake up a barlgura and some a bunch of demons. We beat the demons and barlgura and decide to stay in the intersection with the ghosts. We take shifts. The ghosts wanted to talk, but the first shift was Umine’s and the ghost disparaged Avandra. Umine spent her entire shift ignoring the ghosts. Edwyrd and Reverance took the next shift and SEXUAL TENSION YOU GUYS!!!!!



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