The Burning Hand


So since it has been a while since out last game, here’s a quick rundown of everything that has happened recently—

  • The Pyramid of shadows
    • You tracked down and killed Karavakos
    • You knew Karavakos was there looking for something
    • You saw Meglan in the library and she appeared to be looking for something
    • You now know that Meglan is one of the generals in the same army that Karavakos was part of.
    • On the way to see Karavakos, you saw two murals— one with a dark figure, one with a young woman
    • During the fight with Karavakos, you saw Meglan and she appeared to be working against Karavakos.
    • After defeating Karavakos a map was revealed that led you to a location in the desert at a specific time.
  • On the way to the desert
    • The place you were going was thought to be a free area, no war was supposed to be there.
    • You traveled to the desert by ship
    • A pirate ship attacked your ship and sank both ships
    • You washed ashore near your location
    • While traveling, you met Mortimer who let you know that you all were wanted by the Dark Eye Army
    • Mortimer also supplied you with information on a way in and out of the city along with contacts.
    • You owe Mortimer a favor
  • Hammerfest South!
    • You compete in what I guess you thought was a fake Hammerfest but was actually the real one…
    • You won Hammerfest again!
    • The next day you find out Meglan is in town and she it looking for all of you.
    • You escape into the sewers with one of the thieves guilds (the one Mortimer told you about).
    • You have a fight in the sewers with an opposing thieves guild and eventually make it to safety.
    • The thieves guild offered to let you use their secret entrances and exits to the city.
  • The Girl in the Desert
    • Someone at the thieves guild helps you with the map and you get a location
    • You travel there and eventually find an old temple of sorts
    • The temple teleports you to an open field where you find a young woman (who you’re calling Lady…) who kind of looks like Almathea from The Last Unicorn
    • The woman was holding five scrolls
      • Scroll 1: Has an enlarged map of the dwarven mountains. Each mountain but one has a red circled X, the other only has a red circle.
      • Scroll 2: A section of forests mainland with a series of red circles X and open circles, it’s a place where there’s lots of Dark Eye Army (middle of the war zone pretty much)
      • Scroll 3: A map of the desert area with paths drawn and dates listed (all dates are from about 1000 years ago)
      • Scroll 4: A map of the great north in the ice region. Has a single open circle deep in the coldest area
      • Scroll 5: A large map of the wonged mountain with a single open circle and a path leading up the mountain
      • Scroll 6: Contains research notes on the previous four maps citing old tests in a very old language.
        • The phoenix died approximately 1000 years ago in the desert canyons, she should appear there
        • The entrance to the air temple was found several years ago and he knows who has the key— a monk by the name of Jonas of the Shining Hand was entrusted with it
        • He’s sure the ice temple is located in the most remote and coldest section of the ice region.
  • Returning With The Woman
    • Each of you were holding a scroll
    • Fire Scroll
      • She can open the temple covered in fire. Travel south into the Great Desert from where she is found, the Crescent Canyon will reveal the way to it.
    • Water Scroll
      • She can open the temple deep in the water. In the land of the drowned elves underneath the great library the temple of water slumbers for her.
    • Air Scroll
      • She may ascend to the key. Climb the great mountain of old and make them let her in.
    • Earth Scroll
      • She may find the temple buried in the ground. The dwarves died for their architecture, find their buried secrets to gain access to the temple of Earth.
      • All Scroll: The ice keeps her power. Take her weapon to the temple frozen in time.
  • The Fire Temple
    • You all decided to travel to the fire temple first since it’s the closest and has a path right to it.
    • Where you currently are



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