The Burning Hand

Pyramid - top of the pyramid

We are at the door at the end of the corridor, Kaylith listens at the door and says she hears soldiers jumping. Eldon stuck his head in through the doors, saw machinery and Karavokas. Kaylith is ready to go in, arrows at the ready. We fight a really, really horrible battle, and almost didn’t make it, but came back like the Fourty-Niners after the power outage. We finally manage to stay alive and kill everyone lee. W find a staff of storms +2 (Aroura’s), dice of auspicious fortune, Dwarven armor +3, citrine solitaire, and gem of true seeing. We look around, find some broken rocks that lead to open air and a 300 foot drop. We decide to go another way out, find lots of dead bodies, but no monsters. W decide to journey to the port city. Note taker is ignoring any double entendres about ports and bushes.

As we are walking along, everyone but Umine sees a man walking with a donkey full of stuff and a wagon full of stuff. He is a tinker! We trade some items for a bear headdress for Aurora, endless flagon, and boots of boarding. We test the flagon, then continue on toward the port city.



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