The Burning Hand

Pyramid of Shadows - Day 4

Hogar finds a note from our merry little adventurers. He makes his way to the pyramid, finds Olren, and they journey along and find us. A debate ensues about if we should go see if Eldon is still alive. Umine, Kaylith, and Equinox decide to go down. Wile Kaylith is trying to figure out how to make Umine not fall, Hogar walks into the trap and falls into the pit with Eldon. Seeing him go, Umine and Kaylith go after him. Umine tells both of them they are on the same team. W fish them out of the pit and wait for Aurora to trigger the trap and get us out. W follow steps up. Enter a room with a statue. The statue comes to life and says help lies in the chamber. We follow where the statue points and find a freezing cold room with pillars of ice with humanoids contained inside. The air from the previous chamber starts to melt the ice, Olren helps and one of the pillars melts/explodes. Battle begins.

Zombies burst forth from the ice pillars and an ice demon burst through the doorway to an adjacent room. After some cold fighting, we defeat the statues and demon. On e other room, we find stuff. We find a box that can change a magic weapon or armor into another type of legal weapon or armor with same magical enchantment, we Also find a weapon of disruprtion +2, a climbing kit, boots of free movement. Umine takes the Morningstar of disruption and the climbing kit, gave Kaylith the greatsword of evil undone and uses the box to turn it into a spear.

We spend an extended rest in the room, people taking watch hear/see different things, hissing heckling laughter, doors moving, etc. After the rest, we go into a long pillared hall. Once we all move inside, the doors shut and a wind demon appears. He says, “A thousand years ago, light missed her chance, tomorrow she will miss it again.” He is joined by the entire company as they recite Taming of the Demon, by that brilliant, but unheard of group Dicks of Doom (We are the Dicks of Doom, and we are going to f^€k you up."). They all have coordinating tattoos and want to destroy the world. Battle begins. Olren starts off with some burning man. The band put up a very impressive show against us, but, in a final rain of blood and body parts (60 points of damage in one blow!!!), we finish the battle. We find a map of orienteering (dude, we totally found the maurader’s map!!!), boots of eagerness, and a crystal ball.



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