The Burning Hand

Pyramid of Shadows - Day 3

During the night, Umine hears a ruckus. She wakes up Aurora, explains she hears a ruckus. We see a bunch of soldiers with a captive and a leopard in a cage. E captive isn’t happy. When the soldiers find our merry little group of adventurers, we attack. After a shortish battle, we defeat the soldiers and the captive frees herself and introduces herself, Kaylith and Equinox. Umine gets to pet the pretty kitty.

We find a great sword of evil undone Umine’s! and 1200 gold.

We venture onward, find a beautiful library, some of our group hear the books whispering their life stories. Kaylith stumbles across a beautiful elven lady going through the books and looking frustrated. She slashes Kaylith’s throat. Umine attacks her and gets knocked unconscious. A VERY tough battle ensues. Our gang takes an extended rest in the library, sharing watches.

After our nice rest, we venture onward. Kaylith picks the lock on the door we think leads out of the library, gets pricked by a needle, gets bad poisoning. She takes off the needle and gets the vial of poison from the mechanism. The door opens onto a small room, containing 4 small display cases, each with one book. One book contains information about Cassandra, goddess of light. Umine carefully wraps the book into a cloth and places it into her pack.

We pass back by the heads, they don’t really know anything about the books, but don’t like the evil. We go back into the bridges room and go into the room the room to the south. We come up a flight of stairs, to a room with two statues and nothing else. Umine and Equinox head over to check out the door, the floor shifts up and the wall flips down, causing Umine and Equinox to slide down a chute and end up in a dark pit with a giant rat. Kaylith goes after her cat. Umine pulls out a sunrod. A bunch of rats appear in the room and attack those left in the room with the statues. Eldon attacks the statue instead of anything else.



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