The Burning Hand

Pyramid of Shadows - Day 2

When we wake up, we notice the forest around our campsite is abnormally quiet. We head back to th pyramid, and head down a secondary entrance. We notice a headless body flung on e stairs. It looks like it came from down a corridor at the bottom of the stairs. Eldon loots the body, finds 80 gold pieces. Eldon starts calling around for the head. Umine even has enough sense to not do that. Olren casts light on a rock and Umine throws it down the corridor. We see a room with a pit and a giant creature with two heads. We have a discussion amongsts ourselves. Eldon tries to get Umine to go fight the beast. Eldon decides to go talk to the beast. It demands 4 heads. Eldon decides to go out of the pyramid and get five heads from random bodies and presents them to the beast. The beast is not happy with this “gift”. Eldon runs back behind Umine. The beast throws the heads at Umine, Umine leads the attack. She notices giant millipede creatures in the pit. It’s a tough battle, but we beat the beast, the millipedes and the headless corpses. After the battle, the heads start talking to us. They say they can help us and that evil must not be in the chamber when it’s revealed, or evil will get the power. They say it is The Evil. The heads direct us to the top of the pyramid. We loot the corpses. We find a “mysterious box with contents to be revealed later.”

We follow a door and go down a hallway. We finally come across a large room covered in murky water with a platform floating on the other side of the room. We have a slow battle,finally get the main lizard guy beaten, and loot his body. He has a gem sack with 2400 worth of gems. We split the money and go into the room on the other side of the platform. We find a small room and a statue. When we walk in, the statue says, “She is fragile, you must protect her.” Eldon wants to go back and talk to the heads, we decide time is of the essence and chose the staircase on the other side of the room, it comes out near the heads, so we drop by. They don’t know about anyone fragile. We pick another door.

We enter another room: a balcony 10 feet above the water with rope bridges dipping down to even with the water, leading to another balcony at the end of the room and on the sides of the room, the balconies on the sides have a pair of statues each. Seem lizard guys are lurking in the water and another lizard priest guy hanging out at the other balcony. A harpy flies in and joins the battle. We do the whole fight thing. Close to the end of the battle, Umine doesn’t have anything to contribute, so she goes to check out a pair of statues on one of the balconies. We loot the corpse, and find another “mysterious box with contents to be revealed later.” Eldon checks out the other statues no they say, “The library. Heed the whispers.”

We decide to find a place to barricade down for an extended rest. We choose the room with the heads. Oh well, atleast we will have someone to talk to while we rest.



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