The Burning Hand


As we take our rest, Kaylith notices the pyramid shaking. We wake up and continue forward. After following along tunnels, we find it ends, a rickety old ladder leading up. Kaylith begins to climb, after a time, some arrows fall back towards us. Eventually, Kaylith reaches the top, ties a sunrod to the rope and drops it back down. Umine climbs up, adds her rope to the end. Aurora ties two lengths of rope together, turns into a faerie, flies up, ties off the rope o the way. We pull up the rest of the group. After a short rest, we continue on a dark tunnel. Eventually, we come upon a door. We open the door and find a spiral staircase going up. We start up the stairs, which start rocking and rolling as we try to go up. A harpy enters, starts singing some Coldplay, damaging our eardrums. Then two gargoyles join the party. After some intense rounds, we end the Harpy’s concert. We start after the gargoyles. One eventually explodes, but the other turns to stone and begins to heal. We find boots of the fencing master on the harpy. Edwyrd would love them. We continue u the stairwell and go through the door at the top of the room. We go down another hallway, then hear the muffled sounds of battle. We find what would be a secret door, but we are on the non secret side, we can hear fighting and yelling on the other side. W push open the door and find…lots of rubble, and the guys we’ve been fighting are fighting evil looking wisps (smoke monster) and a litch king who appears to be controlling the wisps. We decide to stay quiet and get a feel of things, but Eldon yells out, “Hw much to join your side?” The litch king sends wisps after us. As we fight, we feel the pyramid shake, stronger than before. We take it the litch king and the wisps disappear. One of the other guys guarding the barricade tells us that Lord (insert name of the bad dude we are trying to stop) needs more time. We realize we need to fight the other guys. We find gloves of storing, 160 gold each, and a cloak of the walking wounded +2 (Umine takes the cloak, Eldon takes the gloves). We listen to the door, we hear machinery. We open the door, see a hallway sloping up with a mural going along both sides, one side with a dark figure standing triumphant and the right side ending with a Phoenix rising, as we journey up, we see both murals going backwards in the story, ending with a woman painted on a door, with ancient elven underneath. It says something like she is born once every thousand years, no gods decide what she is used for good or evil, only man.



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