The Burning Hand

On the Road to South by South Hammerfest

We are with the Bright Eye army camp as they march to South by South Hammerfest.

Mortimer tells the gang that Meglan’s goal is to kill all the gods and become one herself. Rev goes to talk to the General, Umine goes to talk to Avandra.

The General doesn’t listen to Rev, so for some reason we decide to steal Mortimer and make a break for it. On the first night, we hear someone coming for us. Some of the Bright Eye army met up with us, wanted to arrest us. We tried to fight, t not hurt them, then paid them money and let him take Mortimer back. We go on to SxSH, and almost immediately enter into battle. It was a damned tough, tough battle. We seriously almost didn’t make it. We finally beat the dudes. Reverence grabs one of the amulets and she and Eldon take off to find Edwyrd.



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