The Burning Hand

Now back to our regularly scheduled adventure

The main gang is at an inn with lots of Dark Eye Army, they take care of most of the group at the inn with them. They learn from the captain that a caravan of slaves, including a VIP, is expected the next day. They wait for the slave caravan, and the captain double crosses them. Umine is part of the slaves in the last cart.

At some point, the captain sets Umine’s cart on fire as a distraction, Umine convinces a slave to pee out the fire. It worked! The slaves escape. Rev finds Umine’s cart and Umine says her stuff is in the first cart, which is also on fire. Rev goes barreling into the first cart and throwing out weapons and chests. Finally, Umine gets free and gets her stuff.

We decide to use the food from the second cart as cover to sneak into South by South Hammerfest.



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