The Burning Hand

Lake of Steam - after the Library

We enter the door that opens and enter a dark, humid cave. We can hear running water, and eventually come upon the back of a waterfall. Eldon wants to run through the water. Umine wants to let him. Reverence wants to tie a rope to Eldon first. Eldon jumps through, tugs twice, so Rev and Umine let go. After some debate, everyone jumps in one by one.

We come out, see Eldon on top of a dragon statue trying to muzzle it. Rev goes over to kick the statue, and we hear a booming voice “You have proven your wisdom, now prepare to prove your strength.”

After almost dying a few times we won. Woo hoo.

We take an extended rest.

When we wake up, we are near the lake of steam were we entered. Rev tells us the dragon came to her in a dream and says we are being watched. We make a journey to the air temple.

As we walk along a cliff road and come upon the Dark Eye army after a wizard looking guy calling for help. It was a rough battle, but we vanquish the enemy. The wizard we save is Selstein. He says he is on a quest to find sword pieces for his sister, Leona. He notices Lady and perks up. Rev threatens him more than a father threatening his daughter’s first date. He gives Rev a gem that fits in the handle of the sword. Sels says he has been researching the sword for the last 15 years and heard his sister had returned. We begrudgingly (some more than others) allow him to join our group.

Umine, Mortimer and Leona agree to split off and take Leona to a safe place, we will all meet back up at South by South Hammerfest. The rest of the group makes their way to the Earth temple.



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