The Burning Hand

Lake of Steam

We travel, on our way to the next temple holding part of the sword. As we make our way to the next town, we hear someone behind us. It’s Mortimer, the bard who told us about our wanted posters, and whom we owe a favor; he is running towards us. When he notices us, he runs up to us, tells us we owe him a favor and to kill the people chasing him and take him with us. We agree to take him with us, but he starts taunting the people chasing them. Umine runs up to them, asking if they’d like to hear the word of Avandra. They don’t. Reverence takes offense at Mortimer’s taunts endangering our group. She grabs Mortimer, asks the taunters why they are chasing him. They say he owes them money and slept with their mother/sister. Revernce takes his money bag and pays back the thugs.

We travel to a waterside town called Georgetown. At the tavern, Mortimer buys us all dinner and drink, asking about Lady and where we are going.

Rev and Auroa go to bar with drow that gives them directions to inside Lake of Steam. We turn in for the night. The next day, we set off for the lake of Steam, Mortimer has loaned us all caps of water breathing. We sink to the bottom of the lake near the secreted entrance. We see a door which has been jimmied open, we enter and see some dead Sea Elves and different rooms with doors pried open. We find one door that talks. After getting the door to say the word Flower in Elvish, he opens

Gave the door a ficus to they are not bored. We walk into a square room that has a huge dragon statue with a clock and a giant red button

We go full retard and put noose around the dragon statue. Aurora pushes the button, the water rises…and the statue sTays a statue. A door opens in the ceiling. We make our way through the door and find a library. At one end is another dragon statue and five buttons. It has a question: in what order were the five great guilds of the aquatic elves founded.

We noose the dragon statue. Everyone but Umine goes to explore the books for the answer. Umine does not like libraries. As soon as someone touches one of the books, water ghost elves appear. We have to fight the ghosts and search the books for information. Once we find the answers and punch the buttons in the correct order, the ghosts disappear and a door opens.



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