The Burning Hand

In the City

We arrive at the walled city of (insert name that is similar to Auld Lang Sine). As we enter the city, a guard passes us flyers about recruiting men for the army. We notice a lack of townspeople. The group splits up, the Orc and the gnome go off to find information about the resistance. Kaylith and Umine go off to buy potions. We meet up in the Red Flagon. Eldon gives someone a glass of wine from his flagon to have them go tell Umine they’d like to hear about Avandra. Umine happily breaks into her speech, but the patron sets down the wine and leaves. Kaylith goes over to talk to a hot guy in a shadowy corner. She embarrasses herself. Eldon goes over, embarrasses her more. Kaylith and Umine get into a discussion about Reverence and Edwyrd. It almost doesn’t go well, but Umine finally convinces her that Rev and Ed were okay guys.

Meanwhile, the guys get into a discussion with the bartender about actively fighting dark forces versus slacktavisim. We go to another bar, the Leaky Cupboard. W find a pirate and try to negotiate with the him, he says he will take us for 1000 gold. Negotiations do not go well amongst our group, and we start a bar brawl. We decide to take the pirate up on the offer and meet the ship t dawn the next morning. We get hidden around the ship, and the ship launches. We stop and hear scuffling sounds, they stop and the ship begins moving again. Six hours later, we are still in the hold. Kaylith gets out and let’s everyone else out. We find some drunk pirates who realize we were supposed to be let out. We find our quarters. About two weeks into our journey, we hear a kerfluffle and see an official looking ship pull alongside us and prepare to board. A battle begins. Thngs look really bad, and the ship starts sinking and the official pirates that boarded us get the heck out of dodge. Kaylith sees four boats from our ship floating away. We decide to abondon ship, Kaylith and Umine tear off a door. The cat, Umine and Kaylith land on the door, Olren and Hogar land in the water. We manage to get all together and float to shore. We find dead bodies,, and in looting them we find a cloak of translocation +2 (Kaylith).

We sleep for the night, the next day, we find a man who looks like a tinkerer walking along the beach. So teething seems kind of off. He sells us six scrolls, they are all rolled up wanted posters of our group. He tells us for a favor later, he will get us into the city undetected. He tells us to go to the sewers and we will be met by a guide. As we leave, he says “Good luck at Hammerfest South.” Umine squees.



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