The Burning Hand

HammerFest HammerFest

We wake up, and the inn is deserted except for Rendil. He says everyone has gone to Hammerfest. Umine is vibrating in excitement.


Edwyrd does his “morning jog”. Reverence threatens Rendil with bodily harm if he steals anything. Edwyrd gets a hammer and belt for Umine. She squees.  A guy comes up to us and asks if we are the Flaming Fist. He pins a rose with a black tip.  We feel a magical shimmer run through us. Reverence and Umine get ready to fight. Umine chugs a tankard of ale to get herself battle ready.  We win the fight, Patsy wandered off, we notice the two halflings looked a great deal like Rendil. Edwyrd and Aurora go investigate to find information. He finds the Slugg brothers. Edwyrd talks to them, and they say don’t know where the slaves come from. Edwyrd finds a tent with guards, tries to get in, tries to make all the guards distracted, and gets pulled away by a large guard. Edwyrd breaks away. Aurora sneaks in. She sees a slave camp full of halflings, but no Patsy. She hears shuffling from a cage. 

We fight in a capture the flag battle, win, and Herder calls us liars and brings out the Flaming Fists. We will fight the next day at noon. 

Edwyrd talks us up in the bar in his drow form. Reverence goes looking for Patsy and the dwarf Bogart. Bogart says Patsy has been cheating at games, but is lying. She goes to find Zoot, gets a bowler hat for Pony, gets in a discussion with Jake about the dagger, tells him that Diego took it and offers his head. She returns to the inn, hears a knock on her window, it’s Patsy, he says he tried to free the slaves because he found his sister, Scape, there. Zoot and Diego were trying to help and be adventurers like us. They decide to free the slaves while we are fighting. 



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