The Burning Hand

Hammerfest South - Rev returns

We earn 4,000 gold a piece at the Hammerfest. We spend the night in the nice inn. Sometime in the early morning, Hogar gets awoken by a knock on his door. Reverence is on the other side, she hands him a letter from Edwyrd explaining he will meet up with Revernce in Hammerfest South, and that someone names Meglan is looking for us. Umine happily gives leadership of the group back to Reverence.
There is some major confusion and commotion going on, as Umine, of all people, hears a commotion on the street. The ghostbusters librarian lady from the pyramid is back and pulling people out of buildings. It appears they are looking for our group. There is a great big old commotion and suddenly, Umine is flying out a window and into a pile of garbage. Olren casts wall of shadow on the garbage pile to disguise our landing. We decide to break into groups to escape. Hogar,Umine and Eldon form one group, Reverence, Aroura and Olren form the other.
Eldon tells Umine Avandra isn’t real. Umine cries. Hogar and Eldon decide to try to bluff and pretend Eldon and Umine caught Hogar. It didn’t work. Hogar roars, intimidates the guards that find us, while they are calling for backup, we run into the crowd to lose them. We duck into an alley, and see two guards run by. Umine doesn’t do a very good job at stealthing, she makes quick work of the two guards that find them. Eldon tells them to run to the Ragged Flagon to meet up with the others, and runs in the other direction. We finally all meet up, and follow Taflan, mentioned in Edwyrd’s note, into the sewers. He tells them to step where he steps. Hogar and Reverence carry Umine between them to avoid trip wires. We run into four guys, one covered in chains (decorative, not restraining). They say they want the bounty on our heads.

Stone of Earth. (Aka A rock) – miss enemy on melee, rerole
Summoned Armor +3 – minor action, wear armor
Enduring Beast Armor – while you are in beast form, gain +2 when spending a healing surge
And 12,000 gold.

After a huge hard fought battle, we finally defeat the dudes and follow our guide back to his thieves guild. Edwyrd is waiting for us at the guild. He doesn’t want to join us. Another guild member offers to give us information for where we want to go…for 4,000 gold.

They tell us they think its at the Canyons of Gothay. They provide us some provisions and a desert guide. We should be able to reach the canyons the next day. We arrive night of the next day. Looking down into the canyons, we see just caves. Our guide tells us he will wait until the next afternoon. We climb down and begin to explore the caves. After a bit of exploring, we get the feeling we are looking in the wrong direction.



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