The Burning Hand

Fire Temple -After

We wake up in a village on fire, we hear screaming all around and are missing Aurora and Hogar. We see orcs attacking the children in the village. Reverence tries to stop them from hurting one child, is too late, and the orcs notice our group. We don’t do very well protecting the children…. Well, we save one.
We follow the sounds of screaming and find someone who looks like a younger version of the Lady, a boy who looks like he could be her brother trying to protect her, a younger version of Carovacos, a priest, and a pair of Orc grunts. The fight doesn’t go very well. Carovacos stabs the lady in the stomach and the ground starts to rumble. We barely, by the grace of the DM, survive everything goes white and we wake up in the treasure room. Lady, Aurora and Hogar are there as well. The Lady recognizes us and says we we’re there that day when she was younger. She knows her name is Leona, but everything else is damned vague. She doesn’t know a great deal.



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