The Burning Hand

Fire Temple

We have a fight with fire thingies. It wasn’t a good battle, but we won. Sorry, it’s not more descriptive kiddo was a bigger boss fight than the game.
We go into another room, see pressure plates on the floor around a pillar with a great big threatening button. Reverence pressed the button and became a s’more. It opens a door to a hallway, it turns into what looks like a cave lined with obsidian. It eventually widens into an arena with a large pedestal at one end. We hear a voice ask why we think we are worthy of the weapons and that we must prove our worth. Eldon tried to steal what was on the pedestal, and got caught. A giant ass dragon appeared. We fight the dragon until he takes off back into the flame ceiling and we hear, “You have passed the test.” Reverence takes the broken sword hilt from the pillar, passed it to the lady, we all pass out.
We find: 20,000 gold, stone of flame, immovable shaft, gloves of the healer, masters wand of coaching burst +3, winged boots, antipathy gloves, broken hilt of sword.



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