The Burning Hand

After the Big Sleep

So, the gang wake up and find out they have been asleep for long enough for our rations to rot. We make our way up to the cavernous ruins of the town we were in. Umine charms the inhabitants. They bring us to their leader, Celestine. He tells us above is a barren wasteland during the day, and filled with the undead at night. We find strange fruit that glow for a few hours. We leant the fruit also keep the undead away.

Aurora and Eldon fly out and scout the area that night, after we watch thousands of skeletons emerge from the ground. We realize we have to take the other route and go to the UnderDark where the Drau are. We decide our cover story is to honor Edwryd’s last wishes to bring his bell to his homeland. We decide Umine will pose at Reverence’s prisoner, Aurora will transform into a riding lizard and Eldon will “stealth”. We see a tunnel with flickering red and decide to go along that path. BAD IDEA!!!!! Fire things and Beholders SUCK!!!!! We make it by the skin of our freaking teeth. Umine and fire do not mix.

We continue on and find an underground lake and caverns illuminated with magic purple fire. Eldon finds a sword at the bottom of a well, decides to try to get the sword out of the rock at the bottom. He tries to pull it out with a rope, then climbs down to try to pull it out. The well starts filling with water, Eldon teleports out, leaving some of the skin from his hands on the sword.



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